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Social change is one of the most important transformations that take place in society. In line with this, organizations across the globe have developed various approaches towards implementing social change in society. One of the organizations that is involved in social change programs is Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. one of the most important issues about this organization’s approach is how it imagines ‘social change’. Notably, the organization imagines social change as a process that is not only from the organization’s perspective but also from the perspective of the community. Therefore, the organization focuses on envisioning a project, an idea or a solution that is needed in the community. After this, the organization develops plans together with the community on how the idea, project or solution would be implemented effectively. After this, by implementing the approach or strategy that has been developed, the organization accomplishes its goal of realizing social change.

What does the organization contribute to realizing that change?

Envision change is one thing, realizing it is a totally different thing. As such, there are various contributions that are made by Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. in realizing change in society. First, the organization plays an organizational role that bring together people as well as other resources that are needed to realize change. This is based on the vision of this organization of improving the housings as well as the recreational facilities that are found in the community.

What are some potential limitations or problems of the organization’s model for realizing change?

Whereas Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. has succeeded in implementing various projects in the community, it is also faced with challenges in its work. In other words, there are various limitations that this organization faces that could hinder its ability to realize change. One of the challenges or rather limitations that the organization face is finance. In line with this, it is first important to understand that the organization is a non-governmental organization. Therefore, it depended heavily on grants as way of financing it project. However, these grants are not consistent. For instance, in 2003, the organization received higher amount of grants as compared to the following year, 2004.

Another limitation is staffing. In other words, the organization has few staffs to carry out its plans effectively. It is important to understand that community projects are very demanding. As such, the availability of manpower is one of the most important approaches to success implementation of a community project. Therefore, the organization would only carry out fewer projects as compared to when the organization had a large number of employees. Furthermore, the organization is only able to concentrate in a small region.

What successes have been enabled by the organization’s approach to change?

There are various successes that have been achieved by Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. To be with, the organization has been able to implement various project that saw the transformation of the society in terms of the structures that have been developed. Furthermore, the organization has been able to transform or rather restore some building structures that were on their way to becoming useless by transforming them to usefulness again. This is coupled by the youthful and recreational programs that have been developed or rather formulated by Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc.

Evidence of organizational “dilemmas” in realizing social change

There are various dilemmas that the organization faces constantly. To begin with, one of the dilemmas that the organization faces regards the issue of choosing whether to employ fully time or part-time employees. In line with this, the management of this organization has to decide whether to have all its employees on full-time basis rather than having some on full-time and some on part-time. Another issue regards finances. It is evident that the organization depends heavily on grants. The issue of how to spend is also a point of dilemma to the organization. On which program to spend a certain amount of money is a dilemma to the organization.

Are the organization’s solutions adequate given the circumstances in which it finds itself?

Irrespective of the situation that the organization has found itself, the solutions that have been provided by this organization are adequate in rebuilding various societal structures that are necessary for the healthy development of the society. Note that the financial, as well as the human resources that this organization has, are so limited to the point of limiting the performance of the organization. Note that by growing its resources, the organization would be able to cover a large area by providing various services to the community.

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