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Culture simply means a way of life. Culture is what act as either a boosting factor or a limiting factor of what one does. It for example limits one from going to certain levels of life, wear in a certain kind of way or even eat certain types of foods. Popular culture on the other hand is a form of lifestyle that has been adapted by most people in a society. A person’s personality is shaped by so many factors, some being those that one is brought up believing and others that are from outside and are believed to be good by the people. It remains to be one’s responsibility to choose what to or not to follow. It therefore remains a parent’s, guardian and elderly responsibility to mould the younger generation by guiding them to believing what is right since they are exposed to many things for example through media.

Popular culture can as well be defined as what is in people’s minds at any given time. Popular culture is all around us and it is almost impossible to not be influenced by it. It is in what we see every day as well as what we listen to. Most children especially in America are so influenced by this popular culture and in most cases it is what determines their identity. The good thing is that not all popular culture is negative so with the parents’ help it is possible to mould children to better members of the society. So as not to be defined by culture one needs to already have the knowledge of what is good and what is bad so that one is not swayed by what they see. For example, today via the media, one gets to see that sex has become a common topic and if one is not careful they are likely to engage in sex when they still are teenagers.

The best criteria to define popular culture is by judging from what happens in the society day in day out and has much acceptance from the people around. It may be food, dressing, or even talking! Popular culture has given me an identity since it gives me a variety to choose from based on what I believe to be right or wrong and gives me the pleasure of dismissing the wrong and sticking what I believe to be right.

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