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I have been here nearly a month and I have learned thoroughly what the organization I am interning at does, its mission and goal. In addition, I have learned one or two of the jobs and responsibilities of some of the people around me. The staff of the Mount Vernon Police Department has given me the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge that I learned in class. The purpose of this internship is to gain a hands-on experience in law enforcement and policing. I also want to gain first-hand experience of the operation of police departments in busy and cosmopolitan environments. Indeed this internship has given me a rare opportunity to learn the practicalities that are entailed in policing. Although I have been here for barely a month, the knowledge I have acquired ever since I started my internship is tremendous and will be beneficial to my future career. I have no doubt that this experience will be invaluable for my professional development. I was privileged to be placed in a dedicated team of men and women who discharged their duties and responsibilities expeditiously. Working with this team was an eye-opener to me; I came in direct contact with in the requirements of the law enforcement circles.

As an intern at the Mount Vernon Police Department in New York, I have been involved in a number of police duties. This has provided me with the opportunity to apply the knowledge that I have gained in class. I realize now that the work of the police is mainly focused on protection of life and property via enforcement of law and ordinances. Furthermore, I have learned that policing in busy surroundings can be extremely challenging. This is because there are many responsibilities that police personnel must carry out at all times. During the few weeks that I have been here I have significantly improved my decision-making strategies. Being here as an intern, I realized that policing and law enforcement need urgent response. Therefore security personnel must learn how to make unstructured decisions within the shortest time possible. Working with dedicated and professional people like those at the Mount Vernon Police Department has enabled me to learn how be to proactive and independent in decision-making. Further, I want to mention that for the short time I have been here as an intern I have learned the value of urgent response to tragedies. Police response is absolutely necessary in case of fire, car accident, robberies with violence and other crimes. I did not understand the value of urgency in policing issues before. This internship gave me the chance to gain my first experience in policing. I hope that my further stay at the Mount Vernon Police Department as an intern will strengthen and broaden my knowledge of job of the police.


Although, I have been at the Mount Vernon police department for only a short time, I have learned many things that are crucial in my future career. I have had the opportunity to put to test the knowledge and skills that I learned in class. I believe that the experience I have gained will be highly instrumental in my future career. However, my experience as an intern has not been entirely positive. I have learned that most people still have a negative attitude towards the police. This resentment is a serious obstacle to security of the society. The public need to reciprocate the efforts of law enforcers by collaborating and volunteering. I have learned that successful policing can only be achieved if the police has full support of the public.

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