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There are different ethnic groups in every country. Of course, every ethnic group has its own culture, way of life, and views. I want to explore the advantages of a multicultural society. That is why I selected three ethnic groups from three different countries, namely Russia, Spain, and Morocco.

Russia is a very big country with a population over 139 million. There are 120 ethnic groups in this country. Nearly 80 percent of the population is ethnic Russian. Ethnic groups include Tatars, Bashkirs, Udmurts, Belarusians, Tuvinians, Buryats and others. Such amount of ethnic groups formed can be explained by the historical development of Russia.

Spain is a multicultural country with many ethnic groups. The population of Spain is nearly 46.8 million. There are many immigrants from North Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe. These immigrants create ethnic groups.

In Morocco, there are three main ethnic groups. The two largest groups are Imazighen and Arabs. The third group consists of Akkablayn. They are known also as Haratin. This ethnic group was formed from the descendants of slaves who migrated from West Africa. They live in the southern part of the country. According to the geographical location, the group of Imazighen is divided into three main groups: Irifin, Imazighen, and Ashilhayn. Irirfin is the group of people who live in the Rif region. Imazighen is the group of  people from Middle Atlas mountains. Ashilhayn is the group of people living in the High Atlas.

In our modern world, many people have to co-exist with each other. According to the international human rights, all people have the right for worthy life. Every day, we collaborate with many people even with people of other nationalities.

As for me, there are many advantages of such cooperation in multicultural societies. First, people learn new things about new culture and society. It will help them to understand their way of life and even it can lead to less enmity between different nationalities.

Understanding of ethnic cultures will foster respect and tolerance for other religions and some views which are not acceptable for us. As for me, the big advantage of the multicultural society is that it is a kind of open-minded society. In such societies, people can easier change their attitude to other people. It can help to create a better society. One of the advantages of cooperation with different ethnic groups is a new experience. Additionally, multicultural societies give people the right of choice. Sometimes, people come across misunderstanding of some things in their society or some views that can be unacceptable for them. Another society can be the second home for such people or it can help to reinterpret their beliefs.

There are many examples in the world history when different cultures co-existed on the same territory and worked for one purpose. If we know the culture of societies and their values, it becomes easier to unite them into one team and make their work fruitful.

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