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Family background plays a significant role in an individual’s life. When growing, one may derive certain attributes in the world he or she is living; these attributes may dominate the mind of an individual and shape his or her personality. In life, there are experiences and accomplishments that one always takes pride in. These experiences could shape the person’s dreams and aspirations, and ultimately determine the qualities he or she will possess in adulthood.

My Background

I was born in Peru in 1994, at this very time this area was subject to intense terror attacks; and I was lucky to survive. I was raised by my guardians who emphasized the importance of getting involved in the business; thus, I studied all relevant business tactics. I was implanted to stand out for my dreams and beliefs.

Since childhood, I had a passion for baking. I was so obsessed to it that even when my age mates went to the beach, I would remain home baking. My outings to the beach would be substituted by visits to baking companies and factories. I had a diverse background that enabled me to set my objectives high; therefore, by the time I was 18, I had learned five languages. The diverse setting gave me an exclusive perspective in life; it exposed me to various political movements, personal attitudes, and social ideas that may not be customary for many traditional South Americans.

Due to the diversity, I am able to see things in a broader perspective. I had the urge to travel around the world since I am business oriented. After some personal evaluation by attending a conference on business and entrepreneurship, I found out that business was of interest to me rather than it was imposed on me by my parents. Participation in AISEC activities in the marketing area and attendance of business classes proved that it was my strong suit.

I took action to create my own business, and it was a bakery. This business is still expanding since I deal with many desserts in my house; this would be possible if I opened a business in Lima. I have been saving money for the project since I was young. My bakery business has made a lane for my creativity. When I went to Brazil, I decided to exclude the Peruvian ingredients from my baking, but it proved impossible since the Brazilians adored the Peruvian ingredients. They enjoyed my recipes; this way, I seized an opportunity to introduce them the spectacular Peruvian product and, thus, my bakery. Travelling has boosted me to learn different materials from different countries and mix them with Peruvian ingredients. I am now able to mix and blend different ingredients from all over the world and bring new things into the market that is just as diverse as my background is.

My desire to make my country known to the outer world was suppressed by the fear of failure. I appreciated cuisine and bakery, I adored it so much that I had to share the thought through a business in Brazil. I believe the bakery is a blend of history, traditions and cultures. The thing I adore about my country most is its unique multiplicity which is reflected in all my bakings. The unique nature of the country may be demonstrated in a Peruvian dissert; it contains ingredients that represent the various cultures in Peru. Every ingredient is significant as it represents a different culture or a tradition. But even with Peru’s multiplicity, My family ancestors made my roots more diverse.

My Accomplishments

I would describe my association with AIESEC as my most valued accomplishment. Approximately 450 college students and graduates who had experience in various job interviews participated in the competition. For me, this was the very first interview. I was the youngest in the group. Sure enough, I had little chance of getting this job. Here, I met optimistic people who had a dream to change the world. After a series of applications and interviews, I got the opportunity to head a leadership congress, and events that promoted intercultural aspects and sell exchanges that would add value to lives. I learned and practiced marketing and understood the importance of networking. I later organized a networking event since Peru was lacking some spaces like this.

Soon, I got a more challenging leadership position, a coordinator, in Stringnet Company. There, I was once involved in the selection process. During my work in the company, I delegated some roles such as job description, review of professional qualifications, and developing interview questionnaire. After the rigorous selection process, Guarav from India approved himself as a successful applicant. The selection process received enormous accreditation; positive comments came through emails. When Guarav arrived in the airport, I experienced the greatest feeling ever; I regarded this as a profound accomplishment. Guarav was an extremely talented worker; his contribution changed the lives of many people. Many people acquired self confidence, motivation and gathered positive attitude in life situations.


The experiences in AIESEC and Stringnet improved my career and social skills significantly. I was exposed to teams composed of people from various communities and emanating from different social and economic backgrounds. My diverse background has taught me multiple approaches to various social and economic problems. I comprehend over five languages, and this places my interactive skills at a high level. Due to my vast travelling experience, I am equipped with various cultural skills ensuing from various communities in the world. My experience adds more details to my dream of changing the world. I thrive through creativity. Creativity has the power to manipulate situations. All these attributes give me an advantage in any career. 

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