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My main objective of pursuing a Degree Course in Public Health is to explore epidemiology that is vital for inventing the cure for HIV. Moreover, completing the course will enable me to enlighten people about the seriousness of this disease and the need to provide more funding for fighting HIV. The main force that drives me towards pursuing a Degree in Public Health is the death of my close friend, with who I served in the military, as a result of contracting HIV from unprotected sex. This has given me a strong desire and determination to learn more about public health. Thus, I believe that by pursuing this Degree Course I will be able to do everything possible in order to relieve those who suffer and prevent the spread of the disease that can ruin many lives. Another reason that encouraged me to pursue a BSPH degree was my deep interest and enjoyment from teaching people about the significance of public health.

My Main Reasons of Pursuing a Degree Course in Public Health

Feeling so strongly about the sphere I have chosen as a profession is partly connected to the working experience I had in public health. Serving in the military for thirteen years, I was responsible for acting as a combat lifesaver, certified hazdourus chemical handler, and petroleum specialist. I was also responsible for my unit’s nuclear, biological, and chemical room. During the period of serving in Bosnia, Iraq, Somalia, and Egypt, I was also responsible for trying to identify and research the causes of severe diarrhea outbreaks. As the result of my research, I have found the reason which was based on water contamination. The findings from research and water samples demonstrated that oil and waste were leaking into the water supply causing an outbreak of diarrhea in the base camps. My finding helped the team to come up with a new policy on the way of storing and handling future water supplies during overseas deployment. As a senior leader in the army, I also taught soldiers on how to store petroleum products away from waste, water, and food supplies. Moreover, I explained the danger of oil, gas, and chemical waste leaking into the environment if not stored properly.

Dealing with the health issues in the army was a useful experience; however, nothing has influences me more than seeing my friend dying form HIV. Analyzing the situation some time after that, I was becoming more and more disappointed in the way the public health is treated by the government and the society. I cannot forget his death and I keep thinking that if public health had a cure for HIV, one more life would be rescued. Hence, I am convinced that I can contribute to the public health by working on inventing the cure for this deadly disease. People are the most valuable asset of the society; hence, there is nothing more important than trying to protect them from every disease and misfortune. Therefore, public health sector plays a crucial role in finding health solutions and I, as a future professional, am ready to do everything possible to save more lives and give hope to all those who suffer.

I presume that completing a Degree in Public Health will aid me in understanding the causes and consequences of HIV that is the first step in finding a solution to it. I am convinced that my extensive knowledge of Biology Lab, Mathematics, and Sociology will be exceptionally useful and even vital in the public health field. Firstly, my ability to excel in the hands-on-application in Biology Lab while dealing with laboratory equipment and specimen provides a good foundation for understanding the terminology of public health. Moreover, my strength in mathematics provides will be helpful in conducting statistical analysis that are commonly used in epidemiology. Additionally, my strong educational background in sociology that I gained while studying Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, and Sociology of Health, will help me to have a better understanding of my patients. I believe that social interaction of a doctor and a patient is one of the ways to gain patient’s trust and make them feel confident.

I take my education and opportunity extremely seriously because they will aid me to accomplish something that others are not successful in. The knowledge I gain will enable me to make a progress in finding a way for curing HIV. Another expectation I have from successfully completing the studies is no less important to me since it is connected to the benefit my family can get from it. Having relevant knowledge, I will be able to launch a mentoring program for my brothers and other members of the family. I want to guide them by helping to reinforce their education level, supporting them financially that is so important for my family at this stage, and educating them about the role of public health in their lives. I come from a family who highly values education; however, some economical reasons deprived them from developing their skills in their entirety. Thus, I hope that by evolving professionally, I can make my family proud of me and show that everyone is equal when it comes to a desire for knowledge and ability to learn.

Thus, my goal of participating in the program has been consistent from the very beginning; it is connected to perfecting my knowledge and getting ready to implement them on practice. Moreover, I would be a hypocrite to say there was even a second when I felt that my expectations about my participation in the program were not met. I am happy to be given a chance to develop myself that stimulates me to keep working hard to fill in the gaps and receive new valuable knowledge. I have already proven that I am able to use my strengths for improving the weaknesses by achieving a current GPA of 3.660. It makes me believe that my serious approach and ambitious education plans will lead me on the right path in striving for excellence.

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