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My most favorite room in my house is my bedroom. This room is quite spacious and is located at the rear part of the house. Everything in this room is quite fancy. Firstly, the walls are designed to resemble the shoji screens popular in the Japanese classical design. The ceiling is supported by rough-hewn timber which gives it a very good visual effect (Leroux 10). The floor is made such that half of it is covered in traditional tatami mats while the other half is covered with a dark marble. This makes it less slippery and therefore safe. The furnishings in this room are quite cozy and made with a state of the art design. The convertible bed especially stands out. This bed doubles up as a chair when I feel like sitting. It being convertible means it can spell any shape (Leroux 15).

The lightings in it depict the great things science can offer to make life interesting. They are actually controlled with a portable remote control which doubles up as the devise that operates the convertible bed. This saves me the burden of moving around the house to operate It (Leroux 16). The doors and windows are also remote controlled so I usher in any body who comes visiting at the comfort of my bed. Owing to my passion for reggae music, I have decorated the walls of this room using Bob Marley tapestry that covers his face and combines yellow, green and red to bring out the impression of reggae culture. This room accommodates a book case with all types of books: astrology, vampires, etc. This saves me the inconvenience of walking to the sitting room once I want to read my favorite set books (Leroux 18).

This room is clearly a multipurpose hall where any leisure activity is carried out (Leroux 10). My laptop allows me to surf the net once am thirst of any kind of knowledge. The twenty one inch sleek plasma TV allows me enjoy my favorite movies at the comfort of my convertible bed. Blue being my favorite color, it coats the stylishly designed wardrobe where my clothes reside. I love this room since its elegant features make it the place where everybody would aspire to reside (Leroux 19).

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