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Righteous among Nations

Dr. Adelaide Hautval is among the six heroes honored and recognized on Flickers of Light. She was captured by the Germans in 1942 while crossing from the occupied part of France into the unoccupied zone to attend her mother’s funeral. She was put in detention. While still in detention, she protested against Jewish mistreatment. This […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Health is the greatest value for every human being. Once a person starts having difficulties with health, life is not as enjoyable any more. This is why it is important to know that one’s health and well-being is protected in a proper way. Medical services are costly; however, saving on medical services is not an […]

Personal and Professional Development

Portfolios have become important tools in showing what one has achieved professionally as well as the development of one’s profession. Initially, portfolios were mostly used by architects, models, artists, and photographers. However, with their continuous essence, they have become part and parcel of many professions including nurses. Not only do portfolios show what nurses have […]

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a profession where the professional aims at helping people improve on the capability to perform tasks in everyday life and create safe environments. With the assistance of an occupational therapist patients are able to construct satisfied, independent and productive lives. Both children and adults get an opportunity to develop health conditions that […]


What is the difference between weather and climate? Weather describes the conditions of the atmosphere over a very short period of time. The main examples of weather conditions would be the current temperature, the cloud cover, and precipitation level. In contrast, climate describes the changes in the atmosphere during some period of time where the […]

Martha Vineyard

Martha Vineyard is an island situated not far from New England. The place is a great tourist attraction, but visitors are perceived with antipathy by many locals. They use their distinctive pronunciation to show that they are a separate social group. The most tightly-knit community of the island is fishermen, whose activities are concentrated around […]

Safety and Health within the Workplace

A workplace is a place where people perform various tasks or jobs. In order to achieve high production levels, it is important to ensure that all workers have good health, there is enough safety at their place of work, and workers can cooperate and work together in peace without any incidence of violence. In real […]


Comets are considered to be among the most attractive celestial bodies due to their peculiar shape and the fact that sometimes they can be seen from the Earth with the naked eye. Just as meteorites and asteroids, comets belong to the small bodies of Solar system. Their history, physical and orbital characteristics have been studied […]

Virginia and New Jersey Plans

The structure in Virginia Plan adopted a bicameral legislature which is a legislative branch with dual chambers. The bicameral legislature was to have dual principles of rotation in the office, being applied to The House of Representatives (the lower house). Virginia Plan advocated for a national government constituting of three branches: judicial, executive and legislature. […]

Apartment Evaluation

Every human desires decent and comfortable place to live in. People’s way of life is diverse. It is from this basis that I also have to evaluate, considering my terms and needs, the right choice of an apartment that favors me the best. This evaluation will give me a comprehensive knowledge of the importance of […]

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone experiences in a lifetime. What is more, this feeling is usually caused by the tensed and changeable rhythm of life. Many people feel anxious or nervous when facing some problems at work, before taking a test, while making an important decision, or having a new date. Danger, unexpected […]

A Portuguese Home in Lodi, NJ

Bem vindo a nossa casa which stands for “Welcome home” in Portuguese is more than a simple greeting for people living far away from the native countries. Building a house in the traditional style maintains so precious traditions and cherishes memories about dear places. My fiancé and brother run together a family business. We have […]

My Significant Influence

There is no other critical question than finding the life goal for any person. Different factors shape and determine our understanding of life and perception of its primary goal. In particular, meeting different people, reading books, or simply studying history have considerable impact on the process of revealing and pursuing life goals. Coming across exceptional […]

Love Thy Neighbor

The clinical work, I must admit that, is one of the jobs that are as a result of sheer calling. It is not the kind of work that you can undertake if you do not have a passion and sense of humanity. This is largely because by its very nature one is likely to encounter […]

Creation against Oppression

Communication is basically the receiving and sending of messages from one place or person to the other. Communication is a very important tool in the society since it helps to bridge the gap between several individuals and parties in a particular setting. It is also necessary in the cohesive linkage of several people who may […]

Sampling Components

An element refers to a unit about which the researcher is interested in collection information with reference to. The main role of an element during a research study is to provide a basis for the collection and analysis of data. Elements usually provide information relating to the entire population. An example of an element is […]

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