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Planning can be defined as the development of goals aimed at meeting the needs of the patients as well as establishing strategies that ensure that such goals are met as required ( Frye, 2006). In many establishments, planning is the central function that is used to facilitate various processes such as leading, organizing staffing among others. To some people, planning is a prerequisite for success without which an establishment is bound to fail in meeting the goals and objectives it has outlined. In healthcare systems, the need to plan is equally important as it ensures that healthcare institutions are able to meet plan on how to undertake their functions as well as meet compliancy as required by law.

There are many forms of planning that can be undertaken in healthcare institutions and compliance planning is one of them. In compliance planning, an establishment normally creates guidelines having various elements such as standards of conduct, training programs and reasonable responses to correct issues as they emerge (Silverman, 2008). There are many reasons as to why compliance planning is beneficial and important to the effective running of healthcare institutions. As Glasel (2007) confirms, a compliance plan provides a definite road map that can be used by service providers to establish compliance with any legal mandate. This plan also allows for detection and subsequent reporting that may arise concerning compliancy.

With compliance plan in place, it is easy for health care delivery systems to attain compliancy and at the same time reduce any waste, abuse or fraud that can occur within the system. Compliancy thus allows for little use of enforcement thus much productivity can be realized and extra energy channeled towards quality service.

Strategic planning is one of the most important managerial function and a critical ingredient for success. As many establishment competes with one another is delivering services to their clientele, it is often the strategy that is employed which give one establishment a competitive edge over another. With strategic planning, an establishment looks at its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to arrive at strategy that put it ahead of competition. The use of strategic planning help the management to keep the management organization advancing by doing the right thing at any given time (McNamara, 2007).

Being able to address the questions raised by strategic management is indeed useful in ensuring that heath care providers achieve compliance. The process of strategic management entails the making of right choices on how to react to issues such as compliance. This means that this planning can lead to the adoption of the best means of achieving compliance. Additionally, strategic planning demands a structured process and use of evidence. In this way, health care systems can achieve compliance by adopting a framework that is guided by data on compliancy. With strategic planning necessitating adoption of right priorities, its use will guarantee that heath care establishment pursues the right options to accomplish compliancy while allocating resource well and building commitment towards its attainment (McCormick, 2002).

The question of whether an establishment has planned for compliancy is very critical as it is needful that any given establishment complies with set regulations and standards. Compliancy planning provides a road map for attaining compliancy must be achieved through the use of strategic planning which identifies resources, for use for the purpose of achieving compliancy.

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