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Personality testing can be defined as questionnaire or any other standardized tool that is usually designed to show various aspects of psychological makeup or personal character. Temperament testing can be said to be that assessment of dogs of different breeds to identify their behaviors or their fittings for adoption by keenly observing the animal in question for the purpose of identifying any dangerous behavioral features, such as its aggressiveness towards humans, extreme fear, and shyness.

Over the years temperament testing has been carried out as a mean of carrying out employment testing. For more than one hundred years ago various psychologists embarked on studying different personality traits that are portrayed by the individual employees in an organization. Given that an organization is made up of the individuals from the different cultural and social backgrounds, understanding their personality is crucial if managers want to build productive organizations. Therefore, employment testing has been carried out in the different organizations over the years with an aim of understanding the behaviors exhibited by different employees in an organization. The employment testing in the past has been focused on identifying the way individuals work in teams, the way employees from different cultural backgrounds relate to each other, the way employees react, when they are faced with demanding situations, and the way they handle conflicts. Employment testing has been useful in coming up with the models of managing organizational behaviors. A successful organization should be able to put measures in place that enable employees with different personalities to live peacefully and work together as a team toward the achievement of the organizational goals, vision, and mission. Thus, employment testing has been helpful to employers, when it comes to managing organizational behaviors over the years.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter is used by the world leading organizations in coming up with solutions for the challenges and opportunities that arise from individuals in an organization. It is usually implemented in order to create trusting and open organizational culture, where individual differences are celebrated and recognized. This type of temperament can, therefore, be said to be a tool that is used to control personality differences in an organization.

The main purpose of this report is coming up with the solutions on how organizations can handle personality differences among their employees. The report will contain different models that are in use in the different organizations that are used to handle employees’ personality differences to the advantage of the organization in question. Thus, the report will contain recommendations on how studies can be conducted in order to understand employees’ personality differences, and the ways the organization can manage these differences by employing the appropriate personality management models.

The data that will be used for this study will be collected from the different journals and books, which discuss personality testing. The sources of data will provide accurate and reliable information that will be useful in coming up with inferences that can be used to deal with personality testing in a healthcare organization.

The scope of the research will focus on studying different models of personality testing. The study will mainly focus on temperament testing and the different sources of it. The information that will be collected from the study will be used in drawing inferences on the ways temperament testing can be used in order to deal with personality testing.

Data Selection

The sources of information that will be used in relation to temperament tests include Keirsey, Jung, and Myers-Briggs. These tests are carried out to understand personality in animals and can also be used to understand human behaviors that are crucial in managing organizational behavior.

Information relating to studies of pre-employment testing will be collected from the studies that have been carried out in schools and military institutions. The data collected from these institutions will be vital in writing the final report for this study.

The data that will be used in this study will be collected from the different sources that are conflicting. The purpose of using conflicting views of studies in this research will be eliminating bias and determining the validity of the information that will be used to write the final report.

The data that will be used to relate to personality testing in health care will be collected from the health industry views, which have been assembled through research and development. This will be vital in determining the ways personality testing can be used in the health care facilities. The data related to the legal measures that should be employed to deal with personality testing among employees before they are employed in a given organization will be collected from the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and Title Vii.


The summaries and overall interpretation of the findings will be based on the data collected. The data that will be collected from the various sources will be used for drawing a number of inferences related to the subject of the study. The findings of this study will be based on the past studies related to the subject of the study given that the primary sources of data will not be used in collecting data for this paper. On the other hand, the data that will be used to draw summaries and interpretations will be from the reliable sources that are crucial for the completion of this study.

The recommendations that will be given in the final report will rely highly on the data that will be collected and analyzed. The recommendations of this study will be useful in managing personality differences and organizational behaviors for the purpose of building a successful organization.

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