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There is one change that I would like to see in my community concerning the war in Afghanistan. I would like to see the war in Afghanistan stopped soon because it has caused much harm to the economy.

The amount of funds that were authorized by the American Congress on war against terror seems to be exceeded by more than three times. The current cost of wars on terror in Afghanistan and other areas can be seen to exceed $ 4 trillion. This wastage is a large amount of tax payers’ money. Source of the money used to facilitate war in Afghanistan seems to be financed by borrowed funds that should be repaid sooner or later. The other costs that should be considered are the post- war costs that the maimed soldiers will require, and the interest rates that got imposed on the borrowed money.

The other issue that the United States should reconsider is their relationship with Pakistan. There seems to be clear evidence that Pakistan still offers a safe harbor in Quetta for leaders of the Taliban group. These Taliban leaders usually stage jihad against the West yet America continues to provide funds to Pakistan. $ 7.5 billion promised to Pakistan over a span of 5 years seems to get slow dispersal due to corruption and incompetence of that country. These are the reasons why America should stop the funding that goes to Pakistan.

The other problem that can be said to be a result of the cost of war against terror is the financial crises that America found itself in during the war. War can be seen to be a money pit because money gets wasted over a long time. The benefits expected cannot be worth the costs because the war seems to be financed by borrowing and deficits.

Having stated the above concerns, I believe that America should reconsider the war against terror issue and withdraw from the war in Afghanistan. By stopping the war, we can channel the funds to other sensitive areas of the society.

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