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The writer Shine did an outstanding job with his experiment, however, after reading the description of his “adventures”, I cannot stop but talk about all the dangers such behavior entangles. But before I will do it, I want to depict my own experience of Mr. Shine’s decision-making way. During two days I tried to forget who I am, leave all my decisiveness, confidence, and sense of responsibility behind, and simply rely completely on the random people who often seemed to give me a piece of advice or answer my question on order to get rid of me.

The first person to ask was my neighbor who cannot be called a real stranger, however, we do not really communicate often, so I considered him good for a mild start. After asking him whether I should go to have a dinner at the café or make some meal at home, he, after looking at me as if I just said something completely out of place, said philosophically that life is one and it is better to enjoy it to the fullest. For me it sounded like “Go straight to the cafe”. So I did so.

On my way, I requested a woman somewhere in her fifties, which cuisine she would prefer for me – Italian or Japanese. She said, that she likes French but does not have the opportunity to have it as frequently as she would like to. Finally, she said to go to the Italian restaurant as its food is closer to her French taste.

It was dinner time, and the place was full of people. Predictably, next my question was what to order. Noodles with coconut milk and a glass of grapefruit juice were far from my preferences, however, I decided not to give up and continue the experiment of Mr. Shine. Having eaten half of my dish, I decided not to proceed and go straight home. The first day seemed to be not so bad, however, the bad aftertaste made me feel not very good, and I was really considering not continuing the next day.

The next morning I took a telephone directory and dialed the first number which I saw – the man with hash voice answered. I asked him whether shall I read now or watch a movie. He cursed, and asked me whether I wanted him to call an ambulance. I explained briefly my experiment. He laughed, said something like “I wish I did not have what to do”, and told me “Read a book, boy – you definitely need a good one now”. I dialed next number – again man’s voice. I enquired whether there was something he could recommend me to read. The answer was simple “Read the Bible”, and the line went off. The decision did not appeal much to me, however, I found on the internet a copy of the Holy Book, and started going through it slowly: Fifteen minutes and I am sitting and contemplating how Mr. Shine could really do it, and how could he enjoy it at all.

While reading about writer’s experiment, I also thought that it must be quite difficult to stop from such an easy, free of responsibilities life. I shared the question of his friend, but not now anymore. I find this experiment to be a good motivation and experience to finally realize how beautiful life is when you fully take the responsibility for your each step and word. You make your mistakes, and you are happy for it because they teach you life. Furthermore, the person who loves himself or herself cannot be so selfish to blame the whole world in the failures that would come soon after such decision making. To lead a stranger’s life – it is definitely not for me, and I cannot imagine what mind a person should have to feel appealed to do it, even if all the ‘answers’ he or she gets from the complete strangers bring happiness into their life, nothing can be compared to the joy of building yourself the way you life. Be yourself, no matter what they say – Mr. Shine’s experiment is a direct way to lose your individuality and become resentful.

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