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Strategic planning is something that has become common in almost all present organizations. It basically reveals the strategies that will be used in achieving the set goals and objectives. Some of the essentials of planning is allocation of the resources that will be used in fulfilling a given goal or objective. Some of the techniques that are usually used in business analysis may play a very important role in strategic planning. And a good example of such a technique is SWOT analysis which in full stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Therefore it’s important to realize that for any successful strategic planning these four aspects need to be identified and critically looked at (Goodstein, Nolan and Pfeiffer 1993).

For instance one of the most common goals for young people is having a better future therefore, in order for one to come up with a good strategic plan of how he will have a better future. It’s most reasonable and important to identify the factors or things that are essential in attaining a good life. A good example of such a thing is education since education is the key thing that paves way for many people to greatness. Ones you have identified what you need it’s always advisable to work out a plan on how you can achieve your set objective (Rea and Kerzner 1997).

In this case education can only be achieved by going to school and not just being there but working hard at that which you are set to accomplish. Ones you are in school its very easy to identify the things that you find pleasure in doing therefore by narrowing to a specific sector you will be able to specialize in an area that you are comfortable to work in. on the way there are many opportunities which come by and you are not supposed to overlook them. Threats will be there too and through all this one is able to tell his strengths as well as weakness (Wittmann and Reuter 2008).

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