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Third world countries also called developing countries to include countries like Columbia, Kenya, and Uganda etc. They are the countries still under development. This paper discusses vacation in the third world focusing on Columbia discussing the safety of tourism, adoption of reggae tone from Puerto Rico, and the business opportunities found in Columbia and not in the United States.

The reggaeton in Columbia owes its origin from Puerto Rico. It is a common phenomenon that developing countries copy the styles from the developed countries but it is evident that Columbia’s music doesn’t feature anywhere in developed countries like Puerto Rico.

As per Wikipedia, even though Columbia has been plagued with travel advisories because of FARC and other guerrillas, it has continued to attract more tourists in recent years. This is because of the call of democratic security by the president to push rebel groups away from the major cities, highways, and tourist sites.  However, in the article by Jayne Clark, Rueda says “For a long time, no one loved Colombia — not even Colombians. Now, Colombians are again proud to be Colombians.” Therefore even though there are insecure places in Columbia many people visit much travel to the Caribbean Region of Colombia or visit religious landmarks like Las Lajas Cathedral, Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, the towns of Santa Cruz de Mompox, Guamal, or Popayán where Roman Catholic traditions and rituals are performed, among others (Wikipedia).

There are various business opportunities in Columbia not found in the United States. Industries can do well in Columbia compared to the United States due to the high population.

Hence providing a high and cheap labor force. This makes good manufactured in the few industries cheap and in turn, high profits can be realized.

Were it not for the lack of finances by local investors, industrial and private sectors would have blossomed in Columbia and so in other third world countries.

In the United States industrial sector does not generate substantial profits due to scarce manpower and hence high cost of labor. This limits the opportunities in the United States of starting a business.

Columbia being a third world country, they are not able to produce industrial commodities due to lack of skilled labor and machineries and therefore sale of metalware and other finished industrial products can do well where industries are many hence the market for an industrial product is not favorable hence they are forced to export their finished products.

As discussed in the paper, Colombia has adopted reggaeton music from Puerto Rico, but that still its vallenato (popular folk music of Colombia) is not popular in other countries.  It is safe for tourists though many people are scared of visiting the country because of fear of being kidnapped since most of its cities are safe places to visit. 

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