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Toys impact society. Toys are play items that are made use of by both children and adults. Toys fascinate people. Toys are used to allow children to play and also to be creative. Toys are thought to shape what a person becomes in the future; that is it impacts a person’s career choice. Toys ultimately determine how society is shaped.

Toys R Us

“TOYS R US” Inco-operation is one of the most renown juvenile and toy products retailer that offers a differentiated experience in shopping that transcend its family of brands. The store has sold items in over 1,560 stores which include 848 “Babies R Us” and “Toys R Us” stores that are available in the United States. They have also sold in around 510 international stores, 33 countries, 200 licensed stores, and other jurisdictions. In addition to its other activities, it also runs the legendary FAO Schwartz product. It sells unique toys that are available in the FAO Schwartz flagship store that is available on Fifth Avenue, located in New York City. “Toys R Us” is thus a brand in itself and is synonymous with toys (Toys R Us, 2010).

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Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology refers to the study of the things or factors that make shoppers buy certain products and not other items. The study of this kind of customer behavior has led researchers to study different kinds of pricing schemes and advertising techniques. Consumer behavior can be defined as the study of consumers and the mechanisms they use to select and dispose of services and products. The manner in which consumer choice affects the world is also put into consideration. It has been noted that most marketing decisions are tied to the knowledge and assumptions of customer behavior. The knowledge in consumer behavior aids in the improvement of services, creation of an edge and the expansion of knowledge base (Foxall & GoldSmith, 1998).

The knowledge of consumer psychology aids in the explanation of consumer preferences and the discovery of effective ways to impact consumer behavior. Consumer psychology, therefore, lays emphasis on consumer perception, price psychology, advertising and the part played by emotions while making the purchase.

“Toys R Us” makes use of the following parts of consumer psychology; advertising, emotions, price and consumer perception (Foxall & GoldSmith, 1998). Their forms of advertising include the use of bright colors and huge paintings of character themes from storybooks. For instance, in the hero’s department, the store has ensured that it depicts heroes of the war. It shows them in complete uniform and also with their guns and also posed as if they are ready for war. They, therefore, draw the perception that they are strong and always ready for war.

Toys and Adults

Children love toys as they fascinate them, excite them and allow them to be creative. “Toys R Us” is in good business as psychologists and common advocate for the existence of toys. Psychologists have come up with ideas that toys help in shaping career paths, problem-solving, eye coordination and the enhancement of creativity. The toys in the store are arranged according to character themes, ages, and brands. Toys are necessary to be had in our day to day lives.

The Barbie Doll

The Barbie is a fashion doll that is manufactured by Mattel, Inc an American toy company that was launched in 1959. Barbie does promote traditional gender roles as it depicts a woman to be career-oriented than being a homemaker. There have been Barbie dolls that have been manufactured to hold pilot licenses, they have been others that serve as flight attendants, they have been others that have been made as astronauts, doctors and also others as Nascar drivers. The Barbie doll has also been designed to show that women can also be property owners. There are Barbie dolls that have been designed to own a large range of vehicles that are inclusive of Jeeps, trailers, and convertibles.

The different Barbie doll designs were aimed to show that women can assume different roles in life. It also portrays a woman to be thinner than the traditional bigger woman who is a homemaker. The Barbie doll has an unrealistic body that is 11.5 inches tall, with a height of 5 feet 9 inches and is at 1/6 scale. It has a 36 inches (chest), 33 inches (hips) and 18 inches (waist). According to the research conducted by a reputable University, it would be that she would not have enough body fat to allow menstruation. From the above pointers, the Barbie doll does not support traditional gender roles (Lowrey, 2008).

Gender-Specific Behavior

Gender-specific behavior is a consequence of both nature and socialization. Nature plays a huge role in gender-specific behavior as it is the determinant of whether a person is male or female. After nature has done its role, there are specific mannerisms that are imparted in males and females. For instance, females are naturally caring and males are naturally egoistic and protective. Socialization also plays an important role in that it shapes how a person behaves, whether male or female. A female may be career-oriented than her male counterpart when she is surrounded by career-oriented people. On the other hand, a male may be a homemaker and very sensitive when he is surrounded by many sensitive females. The surroundings and socialization play a larger role than nature in shaping the behavior of an individual.

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Toys are very vital in our day to day lives as they shape how we view things from a very tender age. Toys should, therefore, be created with care and children should be exposed to toys with adults having in mind how they want their children to turn out. Toys impact society in a great way.

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