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Trouble shooting is a topic of major concern in the field of hydraulics. The primary concern of troubleshooting is to restore operations while taking the shortest possible time. Nevertheless, the main goal is to establish the cause of a problem. In this regard, root-cause analysis is a critical concept in troubleshooting. Root cause analysis reflects the aspect of looking for sources of a problem with a view to preventing such problems from recurring. Often, problems are an indication of deviations from expected operations of a machine or an object. The best possible way to solve troubleshooting problems involves collecting information before taking action to isolate variables. Thus, one begins by identifying the symptoms of a concern. After identifying the signs, the next step entails learning about circumstances under which such problems emerge. This allows the troubleshooter time to familiarize himself with the normal functioning of a machine. Such familiarity is critical in conducting root cause analysis.

As a wind tech, I may be called to correct No Output Pressure Excessive in a hydraulic system. Referring to Hydraulic Trouble Shooting (N.d), in a scenario of no output pressure, I will begin by checking the power supply. Next, I will check the volume of the Hydraulic Fluid in the Reservoir. After reviewing the fluid capacity, I will check the direction that the Pump is facing. Subsequently, I will check the state of the Pump for breakages before examining the Pressure Relief Valve. Eventually, I will check the Pump Outlet Flow and the hydraulic Pressure line.

Based on Mobil (N.d), pressure is a critical component in the functioning of machines. As such, the role of a wind technician is invaluable. This view assumes more importance since a deviation from the right levels of pressure affects the normal functioning of machines. Consequently, a wind technician would help in troubleshooting machines that encounter problems and devise answers to emerging issues.

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