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One of the striking and magnificent places which have made a great landmark in California is Tustin City. This city has got unique features which set it wide a part from the rest. I have over the years developed unrivaled interest and love for the city due to several reasons. This paper takes a critical analysis of Tustin city as a landmark in California.

About Tustin City

Tustin City, also known as ‘City of Trees’ is an important City in California given its rich history that started in the times of early exploration by Spanish citizens. The early visitors in the Orange County were Europeans who first set their feet in 1769. The Portola Expedition that arrived in 1769 was a contingent of Father Juan Crespi accompanied by a small troop. The aim of the expedition was to establish missions in California. The Portola expedition was succeeded with The Anza Expedition in 1776 which was led by Grijalva scouts of Spain. The Anza Expedition discovered Santiago Creek and Sycamore Grove among other places. The striking feature of these areas was the predominant sycamore trees that still stand today under privately developed properties. The first Spanish visitors found American Indians who spoke Shoshone in the region. Today the Indian culture can only be proved through archeological findings besides the presence of an Indian village in Red Hill.

The white-barked sycamore trees that grew in this region were as a result of dependable supply of water that sprung from wells. Water availability is also seen as the reason that attracted Juan Grijalva, who set up a ranch in the area in 1810. Columbus Tustin, a road maker partnered with Nelson Stanfford and bought over a thousand acres. The vision of Tustin was to create Tustin City; therefore, he sold some of this land and encouraged further development by giving free lots to potential developers. Tustin later died a disappointed man having lost the land to Santa Ana. The region was virtually an agricultural land that boosted the production of agricultural products like, apricots, Valencia oranges, and groves. This led to a surge in population in the region, a feat that further led to establishment of social amenities and infrastructure. In the modern time, though the orchards have vanquished, Tustin is now an urban area with a rich history. This is evidenced by the presence of preserved historic buildings. Also, museum displays some of the prestigious moments that had passed.

Parks and Recreation in Tustin

I like Tustin City as my home place due to a number of reasons other than the rich history that it holds. The Department of Parks and Recreation is given the responsibility of enhancing mutual and peaceful coexistence among community members. Community members interact freely at recreational facilities and parks. These social services are available online in Tustin Today brochures that clearly outline community events. Taking part in community activities is of benefit to residents because the activities promote wellness programs and other health related benefits. On the other hand, a visit to the city parks is just an amazing experience given the fresh air that surrounds this city. Trees provide an enjoyable picnic walk and relaxation venues for an entire family outing. One striking feature of Tustin City parks is that it they makes one feel the sense of place as a result of availability of superb landscape. These social facilities provide an alternative and avenue to wipe out unacceptable behaviors to the community.

Infrastructure and communication network

The city has got great and enjoyable weather conditions which not only make the place incredibly good but also makes it the home for both local community and tourists. The interchanging cool and warm weather condition makes the city a notch higher above the rest in good weather condition. On the other hand, the city is has got a well maintained  infrastructure which include good roads, a fordable housing units, the best public and private schools as well as hospitals. The infrastructural development in the city not gives it a great connectivity and communication to other parts of the world but also makes life of the local community enjoyable in the city.  Tustin city is one of the best places which one will often visit and still admire to visit. This is because it creates an everlasting adventurous memory which no one would afford to miss.


Tustin city commands a great hospitality among many word cities. This is seen among the local community who are polite, social and respectful to all people. This unmatched hospitality makes the city a prestigious place to visit and live in America. Towards this, the authority responsible for the management of the city is doing all within its reach to ensure that this great culture is strongly entrenched among the locals and the visitors alike. I would encourage all people to take this rare opportunity to visit the city and be part of some of us who on a daily basis enjoy these magnificent sceneries, facilities and great cultures.

One cannot fully describe the city without mentioning its great partying mood. The city has got some of the best night clubs and restaurants which make the city a hub for revelers. In conclusion, Tustin city is great place which has made a magnificent landmark in California. Towards this, if there is a place to visit and enjoy a quite, serene weather after all the hard work, then Tustin city is the perfect place.  

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