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The US Air Force selected IBM’s smatter buildings software which is intended to assist civil engineers in automation in managing its physical infrastructure portfolio and maximizing its energy efficiency. This was in an aim to comply with presidential executive orders which require agencies and departments of the executive branch to establish performance measures, asset management plan and efficiently managing Federal actual property assets throughout their lifecycle. Moreover, they are required to improve efficiency in energy, reduction in natural resource utilization and ensure waste management. In the deal with the IBM, the Air Force is to use IBM TRIRIGA software, which will ensure control of physical assets and greater visibility. Again, the software is provide the Air Force with well standardized, powerful technology that analyze data about property assets, streamlining work suppliers and orders as well as energy use reduction across thousands of buildings. According to Alexander Earle, Chief Information Officer, Air Force Office of The Civil Engineer, the software will help in the Air Force next generation IT, as well as removal of redundant systems. In using the software, US Air Force expects to cut operational costs, reduce consumption of energy as well as increase budget returns through Integrated Workplace Management, Energy Assessment Tools and Condition-based Maintenance.

It is interesting to note and understand that such a superior Air Force in the world has been using, is using and intends to even further improve on its use of Information Technology. Air Force Office of the Civil Engineer has the mandate to provide, maintain as well as operate and shield sustainable installations as a weapon-system platform through emergency response services across the full mission spectrum. The article gives a clear picture of how data maintenance and operations in the Air Force can be efficiently and effectively be carried out. Again, it is notable of a good relationship that can exist between a military of a country and the private sector in that particular country. Most militaries in the world are seen to be rigid in terms of restructuring themselves and even giving an account of how fairly they are managed to the public. Since running of the Air Force and other military wings use tax payers’ money, disclosing of how well the money is spent should be a priority as long as it’s not a threat to national security Kara. The article depicts an Air Force that is not scared of the Information Technology development, rather one that seeks to modernize itself in this field of IT. More of interest was the system to be used by the Air Force.

The intention of this system was to see the Air Force get proper control of physical asset which belong to the global world. They had a greater visibility of the management of these assts. Moreover, the Air Force seems to be working on things which less capture military leadership as well as which are not perceived as of importance to military activities. Such things includes, reduction of energy use, reduction in utilization of natural resources, asset management, waste management and increased budget returns. In most cases militaries are involved in improving their capabilities as well as military equipments, thus leading to high cost of operations. Again, such activities as military exercises leave military hardware that is not only harmful to environment, but also dangerous to life. Thus managing such waste as a priority shows how fair minded the Air Force is in regard to environmental protection. Lastly, natural resources are important in managing the current world affairs. It is therefore interesting that the Air Force intends to cut in the level of use of such resources and thus reduce competition in use of the resources with other more important sectors such as health and education.

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