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Terrorism has become one of the major vices that have threatened security in many countries especially the developed countries. The antiterrorism policies in the beginning had been set to mostly cater for the political violence that was too much in Northern Ireland and the Irish communities which are in Britain. With time the policy has been expanded due to the increased terrorism activities especially in the Middle East and the republic of Somalia. This has led to countries coming up with strategies that they can use to reduce the danger and insecurity threats that have been brought about by terrorism. A lot of resources and initiatives have been set upon this course especially after the September 2011 Al-Qaida attack in the United States of America that left around 2996 deaths and many casualties. It was after this attack that the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair felt that there was need to tighten the terrorist policy. One of the recommendation was the British involvement in the Iraq invasion where by the target was the al-Qaida leader Saddam Hussein. Thus the report will cover mainly on the anti terrorism measure taken by Britain and the effect that this stand has had on the other people who are not of Britain origin.


As much as the British government and other governments have had the duty to protect the nationals of their country, there have been so many people who have suffered and whose involvement in the terrorism activity had not been proven. The main people who have suffered under this are the Muslim community. The al-Qaida group that is mainly associated with terrorism is based in Iraq. Iraq is a country where by majority of the citizens are of the Islam religion. This has led to a stereotype where any Muslim is treated with a lot of suspicions as they are all deemed to be terrorists. One of the mostly significant cases is whereby a hotel worker who was an Iraq citizen was beaten to death by the British soldiers in 2003. The man in question Mr. Baha Mousa was tortured to death by the soldiers as they used barbaric methods to source information from the man which led to his death.

Another case took place in 2003 where the British anti-terrorism police arrested Mr. Ahmed Babar and he was later released and no charges were brought against him. The man faced a lot of physical torture and detention without trial. The main cause of the arrest was mainly on the grounds that he was a Muslim and that made him a terrorist by default. However after much lobbying he was compensated and later a request to extradite him to the United States. This was however created an outcry that led to collection of signatures to have him not extradited. The same policies led to many Muslims not being awarded with jobs that they are qualified to do because they are associated with murder and other social injustice. The main bone of contention is the methodology that is used by the Britain police to obtain confession.

According to the Muslims the government is only concerned with the objective of trying to counter terrorism forgetting other social factors that affect them. Examples of such things are poor medical facilities, racism and unemployment. This created a disconnect between the real issues facing the country and the terrorism ghost. The stereotype that the Muslims are a dangerous people is placed higher than the fact that they are human beings who need the comforts that are provided to other people. The Iraq invasion destroyed the economy of the country completely and the same was witnessed in Afghanistan. There were cases of women being abused sexually by the soldiers being beaten up while the men were being shot to death.

Northern Ireland and the Irish community has been another issue that is filled with controversy. Northern Ireland has been an area that has faced a lot of violence due to the different communities that leave in that place. Britain was an area that was very much prone to bombings from the army of Ireland. These conflicts are brought by the various sub divisions of people whereby we have the nationalists and the unionists. The nationalists are mainly people of Irish community and mainly Catholics. On the other hand the unionists are the British people who are mainly Protestants. The main cause of the violence was the discrimination against the nationalist community which was the minor community. Britain thus sent its forces to Ireland and they were to act on neutral ground. However the neutrality was not followed and it led to intimidation of one group. One of the most commonly referred to case is the murder of a loyalist lawyer Patrick Finucance was murdered in 1989 by a paramilitary group and the armies were all believed to have participated in the murder. Although nelson had been involved in the murder of so many people whom he felt did not have the right to stay in that area the way his vase was held did not please many. This is one of the cases that have brought too much negativity on the policy. The discriminative law by the British soldiers brought devastating effects on the country.


The policy however important it is should be improved. Instead of creating an equal opportunity it has discriminated against some people because of tribe, race and religion. This calls for the policy formulators to come up with a better policy that does not arouse suspicions against a person due to their religious, racial or ethnical affiliation. Despite the diversity between the people equality is an important aspect to be followed so that no hatred exists between the people.

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