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Zaha Hadid is one of the few people who have been able to create their names in unfamiliar sector through her efforts and determination. This earned her win pritzker architecture prize because of her remarkable efforts in the sector. She is a lady whose research and designs ranges from fields of architecture, landscape and even geology. She has therefore; been able to transform our visions for the future buildings into reality through coming up with outstanding projects (Schumacher and Moss, 2012)

One of the images that have been able to stand above all is the image of Hong Kong PolyU innovation tower. This design was proposed by Zaha Hadid an aspect that makes her one of the outstanding architects. Her innovation and determination has made it possible for her to come up with unique designs which are of high quality and able to withstand different catastrophes (Dezeen magazine, 2012).

Another image that has made Zaha rise to great heights is that of Pierrevives. The building which is situated in Montpellier France portrays high quality and innovative ideas an aspect that has made it to be conceived as an innovative cultural offer that meets the needs of the growing population (Dezeen magazine, 2012).

SCI-Arc prototype is an exhibition that is expected to encompass modern designs and knowledge in a way of trying to achieve reality in designs. It is aimed at extending the current architectural ideas through incorporating digital design systems and delivery mechanisms. Zaha has also been conducting research on self supporting, curved surface geometries therefore, completion of the proposed work will be a breakthrough to her research. This exhibition will also open up more ideas and critics to the current work an aspect that will strengthen future architectural designs (Dezeen magazine, 2012).

In conclusion, Zaha images and designs have opened up the sector into new ideas from other people an aspect that has seen great improvements being made in the sector. She can therefore be pinpointed as one of the major icons who have led to growth of the sector.

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