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Discussion Board Post Examples essay

Discussion Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nursing essay

The Americans with Disability Act, and the Civil Rights Act of 1991 were a culmination of efforts by various human rights groups to represent the disabled people in the U.S. From 1988, American people living with disabilities began challenging the societal and social barrier that had seen children ...

Healthcare Employee Discussion Board Post essay

Nursing Discussion question # 3 Quality outcome and accuracy in health care is attainable through utilization of nursing practices that are evidence based. Such practices are considered effective since they lower the patient error safety. A major barrier to the effective provision of health ...

Home Health Nursing Discussion Question and Responses essay

Taking Care of a Tracheostomy Child Tracheostomy is condition in which an individual; a child in this case is equipped with a tube through which they breath. Unlike the normal trachea, these tubes do not have a self-cleansing mechanism; therefore, it is the duty of the caregivers as well as the ...

Nursing Education Discussion Questions essay

Clinical Nurse Specialist The primary role of clinical nurse specialists is to integrate the care for a specific set of patients and the medical team they work with. In collaboration with doctors, medical practitioners, nurses and social workers, clinical nurse specialists are essential in ...

Nursing Leadership Discussion Question essay

Nursing Leadership The success of any particular health institution is largely dependent on the competency of the nurses. Let’s face the face, doctors may be considered superior in the health sector in some circles but the truth is that nurses are equally if not more important. We all know of ...
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