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Nursing Discussion question # 3

Quality outcome and accuracy in health care is attainable through the utilization of nursing practices that are evidence-based. Such practices are considered effective since they lower patient error safety. A major barrier to the effective provision of health services has been the limited nature of English proficiency, particularly in America (Jacobs, Leos, Rathous & Fu, 2011). In practice, such proficiency limitation in English among the American nurses has led to poor instructions’ understanding, decreased care satisfaction, longer stays in the hospital and increased medical errors’ risks. It is taken for granted that every patient would explain to the physician the problems that they are experiencing. Physicians would also use the available disease diagnosis procedures to prescribe the medications for some diseases based on the signs and symptoms. However, the truth of the matter is usually that these physicians may be misguided from the explanations provided by the patients due to communication breakdown (Jacobs, Leos, Rathous & Fu, 2011).

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The assumption that every American speaks English is far from being realized. It is therefore essential to have language and sign interpreters in the healthcare sectors to reduce such disparity risks. These interpreters should be of high experience, are tested and trained within the healthcare spheres (Jacobs, Leos, Rathous & Fu, 2011). The use of language interpreters has been reported to improve the health care quality provision, as well as provide patient satisfaction. In most cases, health professionals may find themselves undertaking practices that seem to be justified without realizing that it may be harmful to the object of the action. The utilization of evidence-based practices among the nurses is usually undertaken for the improvement of the patient care environment. The utilization can be undertaken from a research point that offers necessary results.

Nursing Discussion question #7

Technological advancement has facilitated quality stimulation in and improvements of healthcare sectors with the CEOs being keen on further facility developments. Being a very sensitive sector, healthcare needs well-organized and service-oriented employees to perform effectively. This means that the healthcare CEO should be professionally endowed with the necessary skills that provide effective leadership qualities. The relationship that the health care sectors’ CEOs exhibit with their employees should be based on good policies that are laid down and accepted by both parties. As a CEO from the healthcare sector, I would ensure that I create and implement policies that promote the establishment of communitywide exchange systems of data. The policies would provide an opportunity for all the healthcare practitioners to examine the data of their patients irrespective of the care site and the provider (Miller & Sim, 2004).

The laying down of a structural setup that facilitates easy data exchange between the patients and their healthcare practitioners is an effective means that would help and motivate my employees to own the services that they provide. In addition to setting up good policies, I would establish financial and non-financial paybacks to the employees who strive to achieve and improve health care services (Miller & Sim, 2004). This would be done through quality-based reimbursement programs that would identify each employee for the significant contribution to the sector. I would be very sensitive to the kind of policies and programs that I put in place so that they do not directly reduce the sectors, technological performance, or impact negatively on the attitude of the physicians to the use of EMR.

My key areas of concern would be to increase the internet usage by my physicians and also increase their usage of personal digital assistants (PDAs). As a CEO, I would therefore ensure that some motivational programs are put in place that would help boost the morale of my employees. Through the setup incentive programs, I would be a solid leader to my employees and remove any kind of challenge that would prevent my team from performing. Frequent interaction with the employees would save any possible risk of communication breakdown that would eventually be helpful to the health institution.

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