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Payment Systems in the Public

  Modern health care system exploits information technologies rather substantially these days. Computers are used everywhere, from registration services to health monitoring and controlling various micro devices implanted into the body. However, physicians do not use all the advantages of IT in their work in full. More to say, physicians avoid using widely available and […]

Digital Media

Digital media can be defined as the process of receiving, sharing, producing, and broadcasting information in machine-readable format. The data can be manipulated, distributed, viewed, and preserved by digital electronic devices, such as computer programs, software, websites, social media databases, and the mobile technology, among others. According to Morley and Parker (2014), with the recent […]

Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis

The real business cycle theory (RBC theory) is one of the modern schools of macroeconomics. It argues that business cycles are primarily caused by the fluctuation of different economic indicators. Other theories see the cause of economic fluctuations against fluctuations in demand (Keynesian) or as a result of government intervention (such as discretionary fiscal policy […]

Global House Prices

Before I read the article “Global House Prices”, I had always assumed that the house prices in the whole world have always been on the rise. Housing prices have been on the rise for the last few years falling only a few times. These effects have been observed since the financial crises engulfed the majority […]

Economical Crime Investigation

An effective and fair criminal justice system encourages respect for law and order and builds public confidence on the criminal investigations units of the government. Criminal investigation involves gathering evidence on the perpetrator of a crime or an intended crime. An assessment of whether a crime has been committed is undertaken as a base of […]

Illinois Bond Fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commission reported that the authorized financial authorities of the Illinois state have allegedly perpetrated inadvertent financial fraud involving public bonds issued within the framework of the federal pension system. The situation was widely discussed by the national and international media agencies. The aim of this report is to examine the articles […]

The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Every company’s goal is to make profits and create a niche in the business world. However, more often than not, the survival of these businesses depends on how well the businesses relate with the society within which they serve. A positive relationship is essential for businesses to get profits. […]

Deep Economy

Dear Mr, X I take this opportunity of commenting and giving my views on your book with great honor. I would like to support you especially on cultivating economic maturity which is geared towards human satisfaction and not just increased Gross Domestic Product (GDP). To start with, I will focus my attention on medical research. […]

International Political Economy

We live in a world that never stands still and develops under the influence of many factors: new technologies, political and economical phenomena, different kinds of events such as wars, elections, economic crises and so on, and so forth. Some factors are positive for the development of the country (employment, international trade, etc.) and there […]

Finances and Lifestyle in Old Age

One out of every five elderly Americans encounters each day on the restricted profits with little flexibility for unforeseen medical expenses. Once medical care is needed, these six million near-poor elderly people depend on Medicare for help with the medical bills. Thesis: the universal coverage of Medicare guarantees older adults access to America’s health care […]

Corporate Governance in Islamic Finance

The corporate governance model of Islamic nations has its own exceptional characteristics in comparison with the western notion of Anglo-Saxon and the European models. It unites part of Tawhid, neglecting the duty of social wellbeing. This research paper investigates the basic aspects of the Islamic governance with the Western equivalent in the facets of conceptual […]

The Role of Media in Economic Downturn

In recent times, the relationship between financial markets and public disclosures has come under scrutiny as the media played a role in the financial downturn. According to Clark, Thrift and Tickel (2004), financial market dynamics are influenced by public disclosures, created by real time communication thus influencing investors in their decision making process. Media organizations […]

Newly Created Offices

Newly created and integrated offices around the globe help to follow and fulfill the aim to increase the return to the shareholders. At the same time this situation creates an enabling environment for expanding the market and implement ideas and innovations in various ways. The external environment is represented by few powerful sectors. In political […]

The Epoch of Globalization

The epoch in which humanity lives nowadays is constantly changing and there are a number of reasons for that. Due to the development of computer technologies, mobile phones, and the Internet, the spread of information and the pace of living has fastened dramatically. For a person living in developed countries today, it is virtually impossible […]

Inside Job

The financial crisis has marked a turning point in the economies of multiple countries. However, many Americans feel that this is their government which let down the whole world. Inside Job is a great outline of the causes and the following results created by common people who have failed to exercise the responsibility entrusted to […]

Primary Concerns

There are three major problems that are the subject of the study of macroeconomics: unemployment, inflation, and economic growth. Many economists believe that the range of issues of macroeconomic analysis is much wider (some bring their number to thirty). There are such concepts as unemployment and inflation in the basis of cyclical fluctuations. The term […]

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