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Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis

The real business cycle theory (RBC theory) is one of the modern schools of macroeconomics. It argues that business cycles are primarily caused by the fluctuation of different economic indicators. Other theories see the cause of economic fluctuations against fluctuations in demand (Keynesian) or as a result of government intervention (such as discretionary fiscal policy […]

Economical Crime Investigation

An effective and fair criminal justice system encourages respect for law and order and builds public confidence on the criminal investigations units of the government. Criminal investigation involves gathering evidence on the perpetrator of a crime or an intended crime. An assessment of whether a crime has been committed is undertaken as a base of […]

International Political Economy

We live in a world that never stands still and develops under the influence of many factors: new technologies, political and economical phenomena, different kinds of events such as wars, elections, economic crises and so on, and so forth. Some factors are positive for the development of the country (employment, international trade, etc.) and there […]

Finances and Lifestyle in Old Age

One out of every five elderly Americans encounters each day on the restricted profits with little flexibility for unforeseen medical expenses. Once medical care is needed, these six million near-poor elderly people depend on Medicare for help with the medical bills. Thesis: the universal coverage of Medicare guarantees older adults access to America’s health care […]

The Epoch of Globalization

The epoch in which humanity lives nowadays is constantly changing and there are a number of reasons for that. Due to the development of computer technologies, mobile phones, and the Internet, the spread of information and the pace of living has fastened dramatically. For a person living in developed countries today, it is virtually impossible […]

Inside Job

The financial crisis has marked a turning point in the economies of multiple countries. However, many Americans feel that this is their government which let down the whole world. Inside Job is a great outline of the causes and the following results created by common people who have failed to exercise the responsibility entrusted to […]

Financial Analysis – Easy Jet

EasyJet EasyJet is a British airline that has its headquarters in Luton Airport, London. The airline operates both domestically and internationally. It has earned itself a name of the largest airline in the United Kingdom. This is measured by a number of customers that the airline has employed. It employs over 8000 workers. The company […]

Commercial Farming

While researching on the grain and livestock product prices, I started by getting the current market prices of the individual products. This was done by checking on the various business journals on the current and previous prices. I then checked to see whether there was any relationship between the prices of grain and livestock products. […]

Marketing and Communication

In modern world, well-designed marketing strategy is crucial for the development of companies on the global markets. It is essential that global markets are able to consume the same quality of products worldwide, and it conforms to the company strategy. Starbucks has been changing its marketing strategy towards expansion. Prior to expansion, the company focused […]

Analysis of a Product or Service

The growth of the food and beverage industry has been rapidly increasing in the last few decades. The desire to eat out has become a habit and a norm of modern life. More and more cafes and restaurants have become brands, and there are even more to appear on the market. The overall tendency is […]

Price Analysis

One of the most effective methods of price analysis is comparison of proposed prices received in response to the solicitation. This method “consists of comparing offered prices to each other to decide which are reasonable”. As a rule, consumers’ behavior is peculiar for the desire to buy more qualitative but cheaper goods. The exception is […]

Transport Industry

Why is the transportation industry cyclical in nature? A cyclical industry is the one that goes hand in hand with the business cycle, and its performance is also sensitive to the economy in general. The transport industry is believed to be cyclical when the economy is booming, and demand for transport goods and services is […]

Free Case Study Of the Boeing 7E7 Project

Boeing 7E7 Case Study Example The plan to design and sell Boeing 7E7, Dreamliner, began in early 2003. However, there were news of a depressed market which expressed a sharp contraction for more than six months. During this time, the U.S. was at war with Iraq, which led to shocking news headlines concerning global terrorism. […]

Financial Ratios

Financial ratios are mathematical values obtained by comparing two numerical figures from the financial statements of a company that are used to evaluate the performance of the company. Examples of three key ratios that are commonly used to evaluate the financial performance of a company include liquidity ratios such as current ratio and quick ratio, […]

Defining Globalization

There are many factors that influence the development of technologies, fashion, food industry, and other aspects of everyday routine constantly changing the modern world. However, one of the main factors that bring crucial changes to the lives of everybody is globalization. Sometimes people do not realize that the changes caused by globalization inevitably modify their […]

Economic Interests

All people at some stage in their life encounter various associations, unions, and communities. They are designed to share the interaction between natural and legal persons. One of the biggest mergers of all time is world globalization. Globalization is the process of bringing people worldwide together, draining different cultures and nationalities, setting common standards and […]

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