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With people becoming more aware of the way the global economy functions and the more they are capable to make up their own minds about economic issues the more worried they become. It is strange, though, that the increased level of theoretical base and practical experience in these matters doesn’t push the majority of population to resist the governmental actions or change their behaviors in order to discourage banks from unhealthy steps.

The documentary “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis” paints a vivid picture of what factors led to the present situation. One of the most interesting and important points the video makes is the discussion of financial bubbles as means to save economy. Examining the previous crises it can be agreed that the events are repeating themselves and the officials do not seem to learn from their mistakes. Artificially inflating the economy to keep the processes going as usual eventually leads to even more serious aftermath. On the other hand, the experts in the documentary hardly offer any alternatives to the mainstream way of solving problems. Looking from the perspective of the government, they are in a sense pressured to take swift and visible actions to satisfy the citizens and preserve their authority. This may not be a strong argument in favor of ill-conceived policies but it surely exists in the real life.

The current economic situation in the world is disturbing not only for the experts in the field but also for an average citizen. The decisions of high politicians and economists reflect back on average people who deal with the consequences in their everyday life. In order to change this situation, it is crucial for people around the world to alter their irresponsible ways and take responsibility for their actions.

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