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China poses the biggest foreign policy challenge over the course of the next ten years. The relationship between China and the USA will be the most challenging foreign policy that America will have due to its complexity; since it encompasses people-to-people relationships, economic intercourse and all elements of statecraft. China is a power to deal with, and this nation is growing astronomically; it is time for America to know how to deal with China to avoid another cold war.

The economy of China is growing at a faster rate than the American economy and will become the world strongest in a matter of years. While the country is chasing a deliberate strategy of harnessing economic power for the advancement of her national interests, America is awash with regulation bickering and avoiding any talk of a national economic policy. The American national debt stands at $16 trillion, which is the highest in the world. Over time, China has become the biggest foreign creditor for America. This is slowly raising worries among policy makers that China may soon wage an economic war against America (Hook, 2012).

Because of its economic strength, China is modernizing and rapidly expanding her military arsenal to project a strong regional force and guard her new interests. The PLA (People’s Liberation Army) is deploying its ships farther from the mainland. PLA is also investing heavily in anti-access missiles to push America’s aircraft carriers from its sphere. China is also ramping up its cyber warfare and electronics attacks. However, China lacks stealth technology, which is a relief to American intelligence officials (Sorcher & Bell, 2012).

The fact that China’s military buildup and its economic upsurge are faster than American intelligence officials’ predictions makes China a scathing foreign policy dilemma. With America’s dwindling economy and China’s military and economic upsurge, America should keep a keen eye on the Asian country.

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