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The field of medicine has ever been advancing with each day. The demand for the medical services has ever been keeping the medical discoveries going. Plastic Surgery is one of the fields in the medical world which has ever received continued attention. It is said that the art of reconstructive surgery might be among the oldest in the history of medicine with claims putting it as old as 200 BC it is said that the ancient Indians used and British Doctors travelled to India to see the reconstructive surgery being carried out by the native doctors. It is also claimed that the ancient Romans and Egyptians practiced the some form of cosmetic surgery. From that far beginning cosmetic surgery has grown to be one of the most popular medical practice and probably earning the highest amount in that field. At first reconstructive surgery was specifically used for medical cases, for instance, when the skin was badly burnt, or for the skins who faces were badly deformed.The practice slowly encroached to being used by victims who did not necessarily have medical complications but just wanted to have a different shape for their body. Cosmetic surgery today is widely accepted and is a common phenomenon. The practice though initially used by soldiersand then became popular among the elite the musicians; it has now become a common practice for all the people. this research paper examines how cosmetic surgery is used and how it affected women who the common candidates for it.


Cosmetics surgery is a surgery performance for the correction of physical abnormality and also to enhance a physical feature in order to improve the appearance of a person. Cosmetic surgery is said to be a very broad field which offers a number of options ranging from offering of reconstructive surgery to for people who have damaged their skins through burns and is also used for smoothening various parts of the body to make the body appear as the one likes it to. Cosmetic surgery is also used to enlarge the breasts and reshape noses. Cosmetic surgery has become quite popular because it makes people appear young, pretty and slim. There is a wide range of cosmetic surgery ranging from liposuction, laser facial, blemishes, facelift and hair replacement and many others. It is advisable that before one decodes to go a cosmetic surgery should make a wide consultation to avoid mistakes.

According to Sullivan (2001), the popularity of cosmetic surgery is due to the pursuit of beauty in the modern society. She claims that American spends close $ 20 billion every year on the beasty enhancing products. This is very common among the women who are said to be highly dissatisfied with their personal appearances:

Surveys indicate that one half are unhappy with one or more aspects of their bodies they would like to change, rather than merely enhance their appearance. More than one third would like to alter their thighs. One forth would like to change their buttocks, and about the same proportion would like to erase their facial wrinkles. Nearly one half in five want different breasts and one in seven want different noses. Although American men do not express as much discontent as women with their personal appearance, about one-fourth would like to modify one or more of their own body parts. (Sullivan, ix)

The above demand has turned beauty into a medical business with so many people turning to doctors to change their appearances. Cosmetic surgery is a wide range of a number of surgery procedures as explained below:

Abdominoplasty: this is a surgery carried out to reshape the abdomen. The procedure involves the removal of excess fat from the abdomen and sagging skin which is comes about after an individual has lost her weight. The practice is sought by mother after giving birth or those who have just lost excessive weight.

Blepharoplasty: this is a surgical process which modifies the eyelid. This is done by removing excess fat or just repositioning the fat.

Mammoplasty: this is the reshaping of the breasts by increasing the size, reducing or just balancing. Augmenting the breasts involves the use of fat grafts silicon gel prosthetics, or saline and is called breast augmentation. Breast reduction can also be carried out whereby the skin and grandular tissue is removed. Mastopexy is done to lift the breasts and make them less saggy. It only involves the removal of breast skin as opposed to glandular tissue.

Buttock augmentation: this involves the enhancement of the buttocks. Silicone implants is used and at times fat grafts. This is done by lifting and tightening the buttocks by cutting redundant skin.

Chemical peel: this involves the smoothening of the skin by minimizing the skin appearance of chicken pox, acne, and other scars. The chemical peeling commonly makes use of carbolic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid.

Labiaplasty: this involves the reshaping and reduction of the labia by the use of surgical incision.

Lip enhancement, Rhinoplasty and otoplasty: lip enhancement involves the enlargement of the lips through surgical improvement; rhinoplasty involves the use of surgical means to reshape the nose and otoplasty is the reshaping of the ear such that it is closer to the head.

At times cosmetic surgery can involve the removal of fat from the body in a process called the suction-assisted lipectomy. The skin can also be resurfaced by the use of laser.

The estimated number of cosmetic medical procedures in American range from 4.6 to 4.9 million per year. These figures show that cosmetic surgery is a popular medical practice in the medical field (Sullivan 2001). It should be noted that this was back in 2001; currently the figures are astonishingly high. According to the information released by the Plastic Surgery Research (2010), the number of cosmetic procedures has increased by 162% since 1997. The most popular surgical procedure has been reported to be breast augmentation:

Over 10.2 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed in the United States in 2008, according to statistics released today by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The Aesthetic Society, after collecting multi-specialty procedural statistics since 1997, says the overall number of cosmetic procedures has increased 162 percent since the collection of the statistics first began. The most frequently performed nonsurgical procedure was Botox injections and the most popular surgical procedure was breast augmentation. (Plastic Surgery Research, p. 1)


It can be argued that the cosmetic surgery is a big business. It has been seen that it has a big boost from women who are overly unsatisfied with their bodies. Cosmetic surgery is especially very common with the music superstars in America where the body shape speaks more than the music. Cosmetic surgery despite have its own side effects have enabled women to come out daring and boldly without fear. It has been possible for them to raise especially in their music careers. Cosmetic surgery once centered on the elite is now spreading fast to all the levels of the society with even those who can not afford it going for loans in order to have the surgery performed on them.


Cosmetic surgery can be defined as the reconstructive surgery performed on and in the body to enhance the beauty of the body. It is a very common practice among the women especially those in the public limelight for instance the musicians and official pubic figures. Cosmetic surgery has increased in popularity in the recent year with breast augmentation being the most popular. The enhanced beauty which comes with cosmetic surgery has made it to be very popular. It has been argued that the fact that women are mostly are unsatisfied with their appearance has been a big boost to cosmetic surgery practice. Cosmetic surgery practice is a wide range of practice which includes all the body parts but mainly centering on the upper body parts mainly the face where it can be said that most people concentrate. The breasts are very popular targets for cosmetic surgery. The buttocks are commonly altered to make them stiff. Cosmetic surgery can be said to have boosted the women in terms of their appearance and made them bolder in their quest for the goals especially in the music industry where cosmetic surgery is must to make it possible for them appeal to their fans.

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