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Our business strategy is to provide low cost, efficient and safer software programming services to our valuable customers. Our services will call attention to safety and affordability as our first and foremost priority. We will start our service by operating the newest and well maintained programming systems available. We will strive hard to operate and complete our programming systems on given schedule time. We will serve our valuable clientele in a friendly, courteous and make them feel special in our own way. Our prime objectives to succeed rigorously are:

  • We offer quality products with safety as our first priority.
  • We deliver our service on time, control costs and managed our marketing budget. We try to retain the temptation of our services in the market by keeping the standardized service for our valuable customers at economical rates.
  • We obtain approvals required from the government.
  • We achieve our desired market share at even amidst expected competition. We market aggressively through advertisement and promotional campaigns.
  • We secure our finances, and bring high yield for our shareholders.
  • We hire experienced and refine professionals to be a part of our team.

We are planning to expand our operations in the second year. Our plan is to increase programming systems to the most demanded and popular destinations in the first year operations. We will mold the main theme of our work in a manner which are most convenient for our clientele, and improve further in all areas to gain a competitive advantage. Our business strategy includes following areas to be focused keenly:

1. Services:

Our service approach includes “no frills†and our prime focus is on safety and courteous handling of our customers. We will provide low cost, discount to customers for selected destinations from Dublin. We precisely focus on the level of service the customer demanded nowadays.

2. Competitors:

Our costs will be drastically lowered then our major competitors in the market. We will operate from a single hub i.e. Dublin with high utilization. As we don’t have operations, outside of our limited focus, we will have a competitive advantage. This will serve as a barrier to enter for other competitors once we are well-established.

3. Technology:

All equipments and systems we utilize have been diligently and carefully evaluated. We are using the best programming systems and software Math-lab and SPSS which are cheap and more reliable with latest technology. It will give a safe and comfortable journey to our client.

MARKETING STRATEGY:                                                                 

Our market presence will be accomplished by implementing the right strategy and serving well specialized niche market.

i) Marketing Strategy:

We will target market internationally and vast our scope. The most effective medium for advertisement is domestic TV spots, billboards & newspapers. Also domestic radio and other print will be used. A part from it we will market via World Wide Web. We will establish our own website with purchase, and sell options. We will offer low cost for our clientele which would be 30% less than the competitor price.

ii) Promotion Strategy:

We will also target business and capture new companies pertains to information technology sector through our promotional campaign. We will employ public relations executives for our customers as well as for financial purpose. The first year expenditure for marketing will be $16.5 million.

iii) Sales Strategy:

We will attract the business traveler by making the direct sales contacts with our marketing departments. It is expected that discount and low cost package will be attracted to such businesses and clients. Our sales personnel will be work in shifts and our sales services will be 24 hours a day.

iv) Milestones:

Following chart lists our important milestone with dates, budgets, and managers in charge. This indicates our focus on planning for implementation. We expects that our present regulatory climate will loosen shortly and we will gain long term advantage to well established and operated airlines.

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