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A group of 300 (male and female both) working individuals were selected for the survey serving at different professional environments having a virtual leader. They were selected from different hierarchical levels at the organization ranging from the top management level employee to the lower-level staff members. All selected individuals were asked to fill out a pre-designed questionnaire and give their comments on the comfort level they feel working for a virtual leader and of the quality of their output work. Most people were happy to share their experience and insight and provided us with the most valuable information.


A survey shall be conducted and the results shall be used as a means of analyzing the validity of our proposed hypothesis. A questionnaire was designed and distributed among business professionals working in a system of virtual leaders. The questionnaire contained questions targeted to their experience on their work which is not at a local office but through a virtual system of working. The questionnaire gathered information from them regarding the following areas of their work.

  • Their level of comfort working from a remote location.
  • Their understanding of the job instructions provided to them.
  • Their preference of virtual leader over the local leader.
  • The quality of work is affected by the virtual leader system.
  • Communication means they use to get in touch with their leader.
  • Their satisfaction with the quality of work they produce.
  • Their efficiency in doing the job and meeting deadlines.
  • Their efficiency in solving work-related problems from home.
  • What qualities they would like their virtual leader to display so as to facilitate them and make their output more productive.

Data Collection:

For the purpose of data collection, we got permission from several organizations where the virtual leader system is in effect as a mode of working. With these organizations’ consent, the questionnaires were distributed among employees and their comments were recorded. Special care was taken to grasp the underlying message the attitude of the employees were conveying regarding their satisfaction with the virtual leader and their suggestion to improve communication level in a remote virtual working environment between the virtual leader and his working staff.

Data Analysis:

The data that was collected has been organized as follows.

!50 men and 150 women making a total of 300 working professionals from all over the market have been selected for the survey. They were requested to fill prepared questionnaires and give their opinion and suggestion for improvement in a virtual leadership and staff member relationship.


The above charts depict a very clear outcome in terms of positive attitude and acceptance of employees of the virtual leadership system. Almost all of the employees gave a positive impression about improvement in the nature of work and the job output while working from home.

Annalisa, 32 and a mother of two, said that “Although I was happy at my office I was always concerned with my children who had to stay with daycare, then my manager offered me with work from home options under a virtual leadership. I was delighted. Now I can keep an eye on my children and perform my job simultaneously.”

Bob and Steve work for a reputable company from their home. They comment that they enjoy their work more from the comfortable atmosphere of their home instead of a cold office environment where they could not get comfortable doing their job.

Same stories are available among other employees, almost all of the employees have a positive attitude about Virtual leadership, although some employees did complain that understanding instruction and making communication with the virtual leader was a bit of a hard job but employing good means for communication can easily eradicate this problem.

Thus the survey conducted gave very conclusive results in favor of virtual leadership. Most of the working professionals are happy with their situations as work from home employees. They agree that their working from home has not had any significant effect on their deliverables and their home has created a comfortable and convenient working environment without any scruples.

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