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Westfield Parkway, previously called ParkwayPlaza, is a shopping mall that is situated in El Cajon, California. It is owned and managed by the Westfield Group and houses several stores including A Mart, Best Buy, and Ameri Nails among others. Westfield Parkway is the place for anyone planning to go for a holiday. While some people spend their holidays shopping, going to the gym, going to the beach, camping, watching movies etc., others prefer to stay at home to avoid the scorching summer sun. With the various services offered at the mall, one can never get bored spending his holiday there. This paper describes Westfield Parkway in terms of its interior decoration, including sofas, plants, walls, ceilings etc, as well as the various amenities offered by the mall such as the family lounge, restaurants and playing space for children. The beauty of the mall, coupled with the numerous services it offers under the same roof, makes spending a holiday at the mall worthwhile.

First, it is worth noting how the interior of the mall is well-decorated. When inside the mall one feels very relaxed, comfortable, and at home because of their beautiful interior decorations that are not only welcoming but also engaging. For instance, the WFamily section has very cozy sofa seats in a variety of colors, from dark green to maroon that are very attractive and comfortable to sit on. Decorations with bright attractive colors are not only limited to the chairs, but also the floor, television sets, and the walls. The wall of WFamily is painted in light green color with drawings of various animals, from butterflies to cats, in different colors. Hanging in the room are a series of balloons of various colors such as purple, yellow, red etc., tied together beautifully to form various shapes. The room is also elegantly decorated with interior plants with large dark green leaves. In addition, the mall has a ceiling with large windows through which sunlight gets inside the mall during the day, making the mall an excellent place for relaxation because of its fresh air. It is necessary to note the small plants and sofas with chairs in the middle of aisles for people to rest after shopping. Indeed, Westfield Parkway is the place to be for a wonderful holiday.

Families are also not left out when it comes to spending holidays at the Westfield Parkway. The mall offers a variety of family amenities such as family lounge, family packing as well as playing space. The family lounge is the place to be when relaxing with your family. The lounge is located at the back of the restroom corridor within the Food Court (adjacent to Teriyaki House). The lounge has several baby-changing and private nursing areas, a bottle warmer, and a microwave among others. While you relax and recharge, your kids can have fun watching cartoons and playing with the toys mounted on the walls of the lounge. The Westfield Play Space which is situated close to JCPenney, is another family amenity offered by the mall. It is a playing area with abundant space, which offers an opportunity for children to play, have fun and learn. The play area is decorated with animal characters of bright colors, as well as large puzzles to entertain and ensure the children have fun to the maximum.

Westfield Parkways houses numerous different stores under one roof; hence it is convenient for one to shop for everything he needs within the same mall. For the lovers of shopping during holidays Westfield Parkways is the place to be. The mall has several stores where one can buy anything he needs from boutiques to phone shops, from spas to restaurants. Examples of such stores include Claire’s Boutique, Best Buy Mobile, McDonalds. Currently, the mall has several ongoing promotions and offers in its stores such as Macy’s store a free 7-piece gift when one purchases any $35 Lancôm (the offer was available until February 14, 2012). There is also the Spencer’s Buy One, Get One 50% Off offer, in which a customer gets a 50% discount on the second item whenever he buys two items from Spencer store (the offer ends on April 19, 2012). This is a great opportunity to save money while shopping during holidays. A holiday cannot be complete without going out with friends or family to eat specially prepared mouthwatering meals. The mall offers a variety of eateries and restaurants that have very delicious meals for food lovers. Examples of restaurants within Westfield Parkway include McDonalds, Delicioso, Applebee’s etc.

Westfield Parkway, a shopping mall situated in El Cajon, California is a beautiful place housing several stores and restaurants such as A Mart, Best Buy and McDonald’s among others, which offers everything one needs to have a fantastic holiday under one roof. Spending a holiday at the mall guarantees one an unforgettable holiday experience.

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