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Vision and goals: The development and implementation youth programs and policies should be on the basis of the principles of equity (recognizing the rights and all related responsibilities of the youths to opportunity equality and equal in resources and services distribution), participation (recognition of the fact that youths participate in a great way in the society and therefore they should be involved in decision making processes that affect their lives), and access (access to appropriate and adequate services and programmes by all youths regardless of , geographic location, gender, cultural, social or economical circumstances).

Purpose: to provide a comprehensive guideline to ensure that the youth organization programs are creative, profitable towards youth development and enjoyable while providing necessary skills for a youth individual advancement.

This organizations commitment is to prevent and alleviate youth suffering and it is a task with which the youths can easily identify themselves with so easily. In their actions, youths could be able to make significant contributions in meeting their needs within our local community and nationally. This organizations importance has been recognized by the local government and by the ministry of youth affairs. This policy will help the members of this organization to plan for their development as youths, to use idealism and motivation, skill and experience of the young people for the benefit of the organization.

This policy gives a description of various parties involved in the organization in making sure that this very important group of youths is supported and recognized

Each and every party to the organization has a role to play:

“¢ The youths themselves

“¢ The youth leaders and youth representatives.

“¢ National Societies in providing guidance.

“¢ Local government

“¢ Ministry of youth affairs

The stipulations “˜youth’ and “˜young people’ in this document will cover the extensive age range of 11 to 25 years of age. This comprises of, adolescents of age (11 to 15 approximately) and the young adults of age (16 to 25 approximately). As a tradition younger adolescents and young adults are the beneficiaries of this form of an organization. Therefore they have an opportunity of serving the organization as volunteers (Black, et al. 2003).

The youth organization

This youth organization aims at involving youths in it and in its activities as management partners and as workers and at the same time as beneficiaries. The organization helps the youths to implement the fundamental principles of the organization by:

  • Service to the community
  • Youth income generating activities
  • Youth related programmes in the society
  • Youth employment
  • National and international friendship and understanding
  • Protection of youth interests and the environment
  • Informing the youths and other parties of the role of responsibilities of the organization.

Work carried out in each of the aforementioned areas depends on significant issues for youths in their immediate localities and the work being carried out by the organization as a whole.

Policy statement

This policy binds members and any other party willing to partner with the organization.

Youths have a key responsibility to play in the provision of the organizations


Youths have been involved over time as volunteers in the organization. Many a time’s youths have worked very hard in the organizations development activities. The youths are in the most appropriate position to recognize the needs of youths and young people in the society. Youths get to initiate and carry out programmes while getting ways and means of reaching on other youths and young people in need of development ideas. It is the youths that add credibility to the work of the organization with many other groups.

The target group for memberships is the youths and the young in the society.

For the organization to succeed in its programmes, it need to partner and work together with the young people. Many of programmes in the contemporary world have youths as their main “clients” because they are the most threatened group by underdevelopment, war and disaster.

The leadership and the management of the organization must be by the youth.

When youths are involved fully in leadership and in decision making, both in the organization and in their own affairs, they tend to bring out not only their idealism and creativity but also their experiences that adds sup to the maturity of the rest of the members.

It is the youths of today who will lead and manage the organization of tomorrow.

In many societies of the contemporary world, present leaders were at one point in time youth leaders or youth members of a gone generation. When the youths work side by side with other experienced parties of the organization in various programmes, actions and in management of the organization, they speedily obtain the skills which will make it possible for them to lead the organizations of the future.

Youthful people need to be supported.

Youths sometimes can be marginalized in a society for the reason of their position socially. If their full potential is to be realized within and out of the organization, they need to be supported especially in a way of youth development programmes and structures to achieve this must be put in place.


In acceptance of this policy, all the parties involved have a number of responsibilities to perform.

The youth members should:

  • Promote the message of the organization and take part in organizations activities such as reaching out to their peers and to the community at large.
  • Recruit new members to the organization.
  • Inform the organization of youth needs, interests and their abilities.
  • Make use of their connections such as family contacts, and their peers to identify areas where the organizations services are needed.
  • They should be ready to take on responsibility with the organization at any time.
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