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Recent scholarly and technological endeavors ultimately resulted in the creation and in the overall implementation of the performance based navigation systems (the so-called PBNs). The primary goal of these systems is to ensure that the safe, secure and cheap automated flight paths have been overall launched and that they are being utilized appropriately. The replace of the conventional flying models to this system is aimed at achieving a significant number of positive objectives, including the improvement of the safety standards, reduction in the expenses of the air fleet of the states and the ultimate decrease of the distance that is to be covered by the commercial, military and civil aviation of the countries-participants to this program.

The vast majority of the aviation operators across the globe tend nowadays to recognize the importance and the value of the area navigation and the required navigation performance aero navigation systems. The benefits of the satellite navigation are undisputable, as they allow the flights to be considerably less costly and less time consuming, whereas ensuring considerably accuracy and decreasing the detrimental emissions to the environment.

However, the universal incorporation of these methods is impeded by the existing legislation of the United States of America and its global partners. There is a widely recognized opinion that if these schemes are launched the misunderstanding and confusion is likely to occur among the operators of the aviation, the manufacturers of the planes and the related —commodities and navigation service providers as well. Before the systems are launched, it must be totally assured that the peculiarities of the system is equally in correctly understood in all parts of the world.

The aim of this paper is to outline the benefits of the newly elaborated navigation scheme ( PBN) and the steps that must be followed by the airline process agents to ensure the implementation of the scheme.

The Required Navigation Performance

The historical overview informs the target audience that the first scheme to be utilized by the commercial, civil and military aviation was the so-called high frequency approach and distance measure equipment was ubiquitously applied by both the aviation operators and the pilots. The main disadvantage of the traditional method is that the planes are impeded from flying on the most direct itineraries. In other words this method results in the ineffective aviation routes and aviation procedures. Considering the existence of the so-called separation buffers that are encountered by the commercial flights, the inaccuracies and malfunctions are reported to be more and more common.

The launch of RNP was based and projected on the basis of the RNAV systems. The RNAV system prescribes that the plane must move from the point A to the point B in a strict accordance with the prescribed routes. In accordance with the RNAV method, the flight route is no longer connected with the ground navigation points or with the specifically designated route.

It has been rightfully recognized by the International organization of Civil Aviation that the navaid systems based on the newly discovered methods is developing with rapid tempos. The incorporation and implementation of the infrastructure, the navigation satellite observation systems, the capabilities of the airline operators are being developed considerably less slowly than the elaboration of the methods. It must be particularly highlighted that the aim of RNP system implementation is that the aerospace manufacturers and air navigation operators can specify the aerospace and the coordinates of the plane without reliance on the equipment or the related systems.

However, although the evolution of the RNP systems is being in progress, several key elements of this strategy are being incorporated inconsistently.

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