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Cannabis Sativa is a herb planted for various needs such as recreation, medicine, industrial fiber and spiritual enlightenment. However, despite the aforementioned uses of the herb, arguments abound regarding legalization of Cannabis Sativa. The proponents for legalization of the herb advance that it will reduce gang warfare associated with the drug, mark a step in the medical field and earn the government revenue from the tax collected from its sale. On the other hand, opponents argue that the drug will ensure an escalation of immoral behavior from its use, and it will cause a loss in the pharmaceutical industry.

This essay explores the benefits why the government should legalize Marijuana. Firstly, legalization of Cannabis Sativa will reduce and even end the gang violence associated with the drug. Proponents of legalizing Marijuana point out that the illegalization of the drug has resulted in many deaths caused by rivalry in terms of running the Marijuana market. Deaths were caused by different groups, which want to be the sole controller of the market regarding the drug since there are no legal channels of marketing the drug. Thus, proponents note that legalization of the drug will reduce gang animosity and, in turn, save innocent lives (DiTomaso and Healy 2007).

Secondly, legalizing Cannabis Sativa will earn the government revenue. Proponents of this debate indicate that a lot of revenue is lost because the government has outlawed the marketing of this drug legally (Harvey 2007). Thus, the business regarding this drug is done in corners where the government does not profit at all while the economy continues to suffer from the lack of revenue.

Thirdly, legalization of Marijuana will mark a step in the medical sector as the drug can be used in making other drugs. Research indicates that Cannabis Sativa is a drug that has sedative qualities. Thus, it is used selectively when performing operations and alleviating pain to some patients. This indicates that the drug has some medicinal properties. That is why drug has the potential of producing medicines. Medical industry will benefit a lot from it (McCollum 2001).

On the other hand, proponents intimate that the legalization of Cannabis Sativa will be detrimental to the society as it will promote immorality (Morgan 2010). According to the research, some people use the drug as an aphrodisiac, which means that the legalization of the drug will result to an escalation of premarital sexual activities as youths form the largest number of users. Thus, the opponents advance that the drug should be illegalized.

In addition, the opponents indicate that legalization of Marijuana will result in a huge loss in the pharmaceutical industry, as many people will stop buying sedatives and other drugs from the Pharmacies (Turnlund 2011). The opponents point out that the herb is utilized in making several medicines, which means it should be legalized as it can result in an economic crunch of the pharmaceutical industry.

In conclusion, different arguments abound regarding the legalization of Marijuana. The proponents indicate that it is essential for the Marijuana to be legalized, as it will result to a drop in gang warfare eminent in illegal drug-infested areas. Secondly, it will earn the government revenue from the sale of the drug, and, lastly, the medical industry will benefit significantly from its legalization as new drugs can be discovered from research that will be done on the basis of the herb. On the other hand, opponents indicate that legalization of Marijuana will promote moral decadence, which emanates from the aphrodisiac value derived from the drug. Secondly, opponents point out that the Pharmaceutical Industry will suffer an immense blow, as people will shy away from their expensive medicines and opt for Marijuana, which is a cheap option for sedative.

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