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Cats and dogs share a lot in common even though they differ in several aspects. To start with, both are domestic animals which have four legs and hair. They can also be kept as pets and therefore need a lot of attention from the owner. Fortunately, these two animals are also in position to reciprocate love and affection only if showed to them. Notably, both animals are carnivorous in nature and are in a position to give birth to many young ones at the same time (Bowers, 2006).

Conversely, cats and dogs differ in their species whereby the cats belong to the feline’s species while the dogs are canine. Another difference is that while cats go out at night dogs are day animals. It can also be noted that cats spend a lot of time on their own while dogs mostly hang around with their owners (Urbanek, 2008). Compared to dogs that make a lot of noise while barking cats basically lead a very quite life, actually they rarely meow. Cats also spend a lot of time doing tongue-bathing especially in the morning. For this reason, cats are better in self-cleanness than dogs (Bowers, 2006).

Another difference, is that cats have very sharp claws which remain sharp in their entire life while dogs have sharp claws at birth but they eventually become blunt as the dog grows. Naturally, dogs are bigger than cats and dogs have a tendency of chasing cats. It has also been noted that dogs are good in taking commands compared to cats. In fact, most of the time dogs are trained and they become experts in doing what the owner commands them to do. Finally, cats raise their tails as a sign of happiness while dogs do the same as a sign of status.

In summary, dogs and cats have a lot of similarities as well as differences. Both are domesticated animals and can be kept as pets. Apart from this, both are carnivores and affectionate naturally. On the other hand, cats are feline while dogs are canine. Cats are also loners while dogs spent a lot of time with their owners. Finally, dogs are not that friendly to cats therefore cats are scared of dogs.

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