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Christianity is greatly spread religion in the world. Christians worship in churches and use a holy book called The Bible. The Bible is the main source of Christian scriptures and true teachings about God.

Christians, like many other believers from different religions in the world, have fundamental beliefs. They believe that only one God exists who is the creator of heaven and earth. God is Holy and exists in pure spirit (John 4:24). God expects his people to worship Him, as He is good and worthy to be worshiped as a true one. He also expects Christians to remain righteous and He will judge the wrongdoers.

The Christian religion is regarded as monotheistic because they teach the existence of only one God-Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He exists as Holy Trinity meaning one but in three distinct persons: God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Christians believe that sin was introduced among mankind at the beginning when Adam and Eve, the first humans being created by God disobeyed him in the garden of Aden. God was not pleased. Therefore, everyone is a sinner and needs to seek forgiveness and salvation from God. To save the world from sin, God gave his son Jesus to die for their sins.

In traditional Christianity, prophets were respected messengers of God. They were used to link the people with God by conveying the intended messages, which is now contrary to modern Christianity since Jesus Christ is there to help Christians who believe and worship him as the true God. They also believe that angels are messengers of God who exist in spiritual form.

Moreover, Christians believe in life after death. When one dies in the true faith of God, he/she will not be judged and will enter God’s Heavenly Kingdom and live forever eternally, but the sinners will be punished and thrown into Hell (purgatory).

Christianity is among the earliest religions in South Florida therefore many people were introduced to it as their first religion hence, there are many followers. Again, since the people of South Florida believe they have the freedom of worship as stipulated by the constitution, this means they have the right to belong to whichever religion they desire.

The most prominent symbol in Christianity is the cross. It symbolizes the Christian religion. The symbol is also taken to represent and memorize Christ’s death. In the same religion, a variety of crosses has developed which may imply specific meaning or just associate culturally with specific groups.

Generally, Christians have no specific clothing to be used while in the church but decency is observed. The clergy members of the church may wear white robes, which is not mandatory, as many prefer casual wear. In Miami, during church services, it is divinely essential to put on decent and respectful clothes. Even though, in some ceremonies such as Easter holiday, some wear Easter bonnet.

Christianity like many other religions in Miami South Florida also observes rituals and ceremonies. They include both liturgical and non-liturgical. A sacrament is a sacred ritual taken to symbolize the coming of God’s power to the believers.

Eucharist is also known as Lord’s Supper is performed in remembrance of Jesus Christ’s salvation. Wine is taken as blood, and bread as the body of Christ.

Baptism signifies a person’s acceptance of Christ. It is performed by either immersing the whole body into the water or pouring some water on the head. In this particular church, the latter is used. Other rituals and ceremonies include penance, ordination of the clergy, marriage, death, annunciation (March 25), Christmas (December 25), Easter (March 31), and many others.

In conclusion, this study has enhanced my understanding of the Christian religion and the dire need to respect different faith for different people. What affected me most in this religion is the firm belief of Jesus, the Son of God, who died for the sins of those who worship Him. For sure, over the entire period of visit, I felt in the presence of holy ground and the idea of worshiping could not escape my thoughts. Nothing affected me in a negative way and in fact, I appreciated abundantly the teachings of Christianity.

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