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An epiphany signifies a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something, along with an utter comprehension or discernment of reality or authenticity through a sudden intuitive realization. Epiphany triggers the transformation of a person’s identity as they absorb a new insight and realization that makes one change the previous perception of their way of life, including their personality, dignity, socialization, thinking and self-understanding. Impacts of moments of epiphany contribute immensely to the growth of personality and identity as one perceives and embraces the reality through this growth. Moments of epiphany about our fragility, the importance of relationships and realizing our potential are illustrated in “Araby” by Author Joyce, “Her firsball” by Mansfield, ” Solitary ” poem by Teasdales, “Araby ” by Joyce, ” Discoveries and Innovations” by fuller and “Realizing your talent” by William.

People may fail to put interest on bare facts of life, simply because their life has never affected them negatively, in this way they put themselves at risk for many things.. Depending on an individual’s background, one grows believing in particular aspects of life. When he or she moves on and intermingles with the broader society, they realize in fact whatever they believed in was far from reality, which automatically transforms an individual. In some other cases, people live devoid of actual truth and quality of life, and as they come of age such knowledge completely changes their lives. For instance, some people in the society have disregarded the presence and snares of the HIV /AIDS disease for quite a long time. It is only when a person or his or her close friend contract the disease that they suddenly comprehend its dangers and killing without mercy. In Her First Ball, Leila also experience moments of epiphany, when after seeing and talking to the old man, she realizes that life has end, and nothing lasts for eternity the same way people risk lives neglecting this fact. She conceives the new knowledge, which totally transforms her life. Therefore, the impacts of moments of epiphany allow people to comprehend the dangers of not protecting themselves against such diseases and transforming them through an instilling sense of caution hence new identity.

In love relationships, young men and women are driven to bind themselves into long lasting affairs without taking a moment to know well and understand each other’s personality and character. This is the main reason that is seen to break relationships nowadays. Initially, people are deceived by beauty and overwhelming richness of their partners and force themselves into love and engagement, overlooking other qualities of a successful relationship. A quick intense relationship may either be compelled by loneliness for longer time and substantial yearning for a lover or the desire to hurt one’s previous partner, whom they broke up to show that they can get a better relationship somewhere else. As the relationship matures, the partners get to know each other better, and it is in this stage that they experience a moment of epiphany. Some realize with a considerable astonishment that no matter what they do, their relationship cannot work; thus, they are forced to disregard the great hope they had at the beginning of the relationship. In addition, in the story of Araby, the young boy experiences moments of epiphany, when he found that he would not be able to deliver the promise to his love (Mangan’s sister), whom he had hoped would change his life to the better. The impact of moments of epiphany helps the boy to realize that he will never be successful in escaping his life of boredom, solitude and depression. The instant moment the lights go out at the bazaar, triggers a realization to the boy that he will never be able to escape his neighborhood and his imprisoned fate of depression and solitude. Nevertheless, he assumes a new identity of maturity. Likewise, the relationships eventually break, when the partners get the truth and are forced to either find other fulfilling desires or live independently as they now have different identities.

A tender age, children seek knowledge from their parents or elders in the society. They believe that they cannot do anything without sharing or consulting their elders. The elders of the society become the ultimate source of happiness and guidance. They assume complete dependence and are loyal and obedient, regardless whichever situation may prevail. As they grow, they are gradually integrated into the fabrics of the society and held responsibility on various tasks and actions. The passage of life through initiation by some communities or other methods involves adviceto the young men and women. They are taught the virtue of life and how to be independent hence the moment of epiphany; in the poem of Solitary (Teasdale 94), the narrator reaches moments of epiphany, when she realizes that she has grown older and has become independent and more comfortable being with herself. In the same way, young people eventually acquire a new identity as they have now matured into adults and ready to take full responsibilities in the society. They are now grown with a lot of wisdom and do not need validation from other people to make themselves complete as Teasdale asserts in her poemwhen she says she no longer need to confirm her knowledge with anyone.

New discoveries and innovation in all fields of life are made through epiphany. “Experience of enlightenment, whether in artistic, scientific, religious or political context, can be considered as the movement of mind that lasts, but immediately, rather than an inspirational state, which once acquired, becomes permanent”.

In his story of Discoveries and Innovation, Fuller demonstrate how epiphany supports realization of new discoveries and innovation whereby a striking idea hit a researcher in his work during the exploration of forest organisms thereby getting an insight of developing medicine.

At an early age, in school, students take education for granted, and many of them in as much as they hold distinguished dreams and goals in life do not seem to understand them as illustrated in the story of Realizing Your Talent by William. Education is considered as mere passage of life by peer groups and focuses more on other interesting co-curriculum school activities. In the same way, new teachers in the field of education fail at first to comprehend the crucial objective and purpose they have as a part of the education system. As time advances, these groups of people come of age and discover what they really intended for they lives. A mature student experiences a moment of epiphany, when on she/he accepts and finds himself or herself a position in the society. This completely transforms the student as he or she understands the relevance of education in his/herlife and gives up the immature idea and perception of education as a boring routine passage of life. On the other hand, as a teacher grows in his or her profession, he/she realizes that teaching is a part of one’s life and not just a matter of passing time, thereby helping in establishing new views of life as well as adopting new personality and identity.

In conclusion, from the incidences of the impacts of moments of epiphany discussed, it is clear that a person undergoes a complete transformation and acquires a new status and identity of life, when the basic truth and insight are revealed. One adopts a new perception of life that has the real meaning and is obliged to accept and absorb the true knowledge or enlightenment, regardless of how soft or tough it may look as is the case within the stories: Araby, Her first bal, Solitary, discoveries and innovations and Realizing your talent . Impacts of moments of epiphany enhance the maturity and coming of age of a person’s identity.

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