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The question of intelligent life besides humans on Earth and  extraterrestrial life in space has been talked about throughout history. The subject is especially relevant today in our “cosmic age” when man actively explores space, builds ships, shuttles and satellites that fly billions of miles into unexplored territories of space; designs and develops special costumes for the protection of astronauts whilst out in the universe.

I believe that UFO’s are real and extraterrestrial life really exists. My opinion is based on the following research and facts.

My first area of research was historic facts and figures. Etchings and ancient drawings have been found on cave walls, which depict flying objects and humanoid figures with strangely shaped heads, eyes and other parts of the body. Thousands of people around the world report on sightings of flying or hovering UFO’s and other strange “encounters of the third kind”. (Ancient Evidence). Oddly enough, the descriptions and accounts are quite similar. Even given that part of the reports are fake and made for the sole purpose of causing a stir or attention to the author, there are thousands upon thousands of reports, which throughout history have remained quite similar and corroborate each other.

The next area of my research is scientific theory. Is it even possible for life to exist outside Earth? The answer is yes. Scientific research through satellites has confirmed that there are at least three planets in space that could potentially support life as we know it. This means that organisms requiring environment conditions like those on Earth may be able to live on those planets. For fairness sake, we must make the supposition that extraterrestrial life may be able to survive in conditions unfavorable for humans. Therefore, there is a large possibility that life could exist on almost any object in space. If this is true, why cannot those life forms be intelligent? It would be egoistic at the least to assume that we are the only living creatures in the universe that can fly and explore space.

An interesting fact is that the US government has denied the existence of UFO’s for decades; going to such lengths as classifying some reported sightings as top secret information. Yet at the same time it is the known fact that the American Air Force on occasion has been involved with several stories regarding aliens and unidentified flying objects. Could this mean they have the knowledge that is not available to the general public and are attempting to keep it from being exposed?

One of the most famous UFO stories in modern history is the Roswell incident. In July 1947 the intelligence department of the 509th Bomb Group issued an interesting press release. It stated publicly that the unit had recovered remnants of an odd “flying disc”. However, the next day when General Ramey of the Army Air Corps arrived to take control of the situation, the press release was retracted and replaced with a new one that stated they had simply recovered a damaged weather balloon. The 509th Bomb Group consisted of very highly-trained men, which were entrusted with the responsibility of being the first nuclear-armed unit in history. It is unlikely that such skilled men as those chosen to be a part of the 509th could mistake the remains of a wrecked weather balloon for those of a UFO. There is also the story of the remains of the aliens on board of the flying object. Four child-sized body tubes were ordered. A nurse which was supposed to perform an autopsy on the creatures was sworn to secrecy. But what she saw was so overwhelming that she had to tell someone about it. She described the creatures as small and she drew a picture of the creature’s head on paper. It matched ancient pictures of a round head and large beady eyes. Oddly enough, after this, the nurse was never seen or heard from again. (The Roswell Incident)

On occasion, NASA has captured UFO activity during several missions on videos, but they would always be explained with some seemingly “logical” explanations, while the footage would typically “mysteriously” disappear. In fact, at NASA’s request, a federal law was passed in the US, which allowed government officials to “quarantine” “extra terrestrially exposed” citizens. (Chen) Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Clinton asked for investigations of the UFO phenomena, but the Air Force repeatedly refused to cooperate (UFO Quotes).

“Classified” files regarding UFO’s and extraterrestrial activity were later de-classified. As it turned out, NASA, the Air Force Corps and several government organizations had much information on this subject which they weren’t willing to release to the general public for unknown reasons. Even so, many questions still remain unresolved. While some information has been leaked and publicly released, much is still held back. The Roswell incident still has not received a convincing enough explanation to withstand scrutiny and skepticism.

Several other countries such as Russia and Mexico openly acknowledge the existence of this UFO phenomenon and are interested in the further investigation of this subject. France has even made all records of government research regarding UFO’s freely available to the general public on the internet (UFO Evidence).

All these facts are a small tip of the iceberg. Mountains of evidence continue to grow. Denial and refusal to acknowledge it is simply naïve. It is there. Only reasonable and valid scientific research, analysis and discussion will determine the exact nature of UFO’s.

In summary, I believe UFO’s and aliens exist. My belief is based on countless reports, pictures, videos and modern and though history sightings. Additionally, it is scientifically possible that Earth is not the only habitable place in the universe for species requiring such environments as on Earth. Given the supposition that other races could survive in other habitats, it is possible that we are not the only intelligent race in the universe. Who the aliens are can only be discovered and finalized by further objective research.

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