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A lot of countries permit for the same prospects for men as for women throughout the federal law. Moreover, Federal law cares for national minorities and women in the workplaces. However, what effects does gender have on work discrimination? Employers got used to pay more men than women who perform similar jobs. A lot of women still suffer from gander-based inequity. For instance, Kennedy, Nagata and others (2008) present evidences that problem of gender discrimination becomes urgent now. They distinguish White men among other people who have, mostly, a well-paid job. Moreover, the other researchers show the difference in the wage of women and men all over the world. Some of them are eager to say that salary depends on the race, nationality and even color. According to statistical evidences, genderwagegap is notsupport of inequality.Consequently, experimental researches look for identifying the degree which pay gaps are appropriate to employee aptitude dissimilarity. Court cases evidences showed that gender discrimination still exists. Nowadays, the problem became very urgent and constant-flown. The female discrimination process affects different spheres of women’s life. Females experience a lot of negative effects as underprivileged work culture, unenthusiastic fight with the society, bargain profits for the business and devastating effect on the personality. While reviewing the following literature, the reader can find enough evidences to be assured in this.

Wage depends on gender, religion, color, race and national origin. According to Kennedy, Nagata and others (2008) wage discrimination is defined as illogical transmission of wages to staff based on factors which are not related to work the person performs. The authors are assured that the salary demands on gender. Moreover, the wage discrimination is based on religion, color, race and even national origin. According to wage discrimination statistics, jobs which are held by the White men are better paid than those held by Black man, Latinos or women. People are convinced that jobs which are held by White men are prestigious and deserve higher wage. Furthermore, White men mostly hold the positions of layers, doctors and judges. According to recent researches, only 3% of women hold the top positions in American companies. Women are required workers just in the medical industry but, despite this, earn less than male workers. Therefore, there is great wage discrimination in the top ranks of American business. Women who have disabilities have a dual hazard to earn a little money. African Americans have the same risk. Women have less working hours than men. There is a supposition that women went into the labor market after men. That is why they are unable to earn a lot. Moreover, Blacks and Latinos are not educated and have less experience. Many presumptions put forward that the main reason of the wage discrimination is the daily life chosen by women. The authors are persuaded that the government has to pay attention to this problem and try to solve it by all the possible ways.

The government has to pay a lot of attention to gender discrimination in order to avoid it in different institutions, especially in the academic one. The research made by Goltz, Reinsch and others (2009) indicated that mostly all women experience second gender discrimination. Following researches are based on different works of professors who have analyzed women’s skills and disagree with substantive transformations in the places of work. They permitted the course officially in order to recognize and heal second generation discrimination. The authors distinguish first and second generations and show differences between them. The writers examine sex discrimination in the academic institutions. Men are considered as smarter and more intelligent. They are more preferable here. As well, they interviewed some people to understand the root of the problem. The authors are assured that legislative system has to pay more attention to second generation discrimination, overview the law and to amend the Law.

The most powerful in the race hierarchy are White men, who have an opportunity to earn a lot of money and possess the highest positions. Mintz and Krymkowski (2010) examine differences between African Americans, Hispanics, and white people. The authors distinguish race and national diversity by gender. The results show that White men have more power in this hierarchy. They hold the best positions and earn a lot of money. Moreover, White women are leaders among other females, as well. Statistics discrimination disagrees that companies apply valid variation among groups of workers to assess the potential of job interviewers. Some researchers are eager to say that gender intersect is racialized. As well, there are a lot of stereotypes according to the racial hard working features. Employers believe that Blacks are lazy and are unable to do a lot of work while Whites are enormously hard-working. The researches were made to examine the dissimilarity by race and gender showed the following. First of all, the gender discrimination is higher than racial or ethnical. The second, the biggest dissimilarity between Hispanics and other ethnical groups increased with time. It is the result of their permanent immigration to the U.S.A. Moreover, another research showed that White men occupy the highest social positions with great authority and job training. However, the gender discrimination decreased with time for all groups. Also, the researchers showed that the discrimination decreased among Black women and White, but not Hispanics. In the discussion, researchers showed that all women and Blacks are invested heavily in the educational system.

Despite the equal knowledge and work done, women earn less money than men. Lips (2003) suggests that a male-female gap has endured throughout the previous half century. Women have lower salaries than men even when their achievements are equal. Media suggests from time to time that gender inequality is disappearing. In reality, the wage difference between men and women still exists. Men have higher income levels. Moreover, men achieve overtime pays, various bonuses and other awards. Men have higher access to “extras”. Employers insist on the version that men just used to work more hours per month than women do. That is why they have higher wages. Men have more chances to work extra hours for pay as women do it for free. According to statistics, female work more hours per week than men. Working man is a standard, and when woman is not able to match the model, she is mislaid from the comparison. Economists suggest that the gender gap will disappear in 30 years. In reality, the gap only becomes larger. Furthermore, men dominate in winning literary prizes. The government needs to overview the problem because an average American female works on 2-3 jobs and does all home work.

There is a confirmation that women are not able to hold the highest ranks in the most privileged and powerful institutions. Kerr, Miller and Reid (2002) show readers that in 1970-1980 women were not holding positions in the highest administrative levels in corrections, law, health, education institutions, etc. Connection between organizations and their clients make distributive procedures anti changeable, thus, it is complicated for females to come in these working areas. Because of this, there will be no gender balance and progress in these institutions. To sum up the following information, women will be always underrepresented in administrative levels in law, the level of occupation will be the greatest in fire and police functions. The authors expect to observe the gender balance in police and fire institutions, but not in corrections and distributive institutions.

In medical institutions in spite of female domination, they still earn less than their male partners. According to Gravelle, Hole and Santos (2011) the doctor income differs between males and females. There are identical differentiations in doctor wages in the US and in a different place. The discrimination determination depends on the dissimilarity connecting to men and women coefficients. The authors made researchers which showed that female GPs have lower wage than makes. Despite they have higher marginal reward per hour. Female doctors work fewer hours. The impenetrable dissimilarity in log incomes is approximately 30%. In practices, the quantity of feminine GPs is advanced, but there is no vital variation in effect on masculine and feminine GPs. Moreover, the researches showed that women are mostly satisfied with their job in comparison to men. Authors suggest that just weak society can apply gender discrimination.

Stereotype about women’s inability to cope with hard and responsible jobs is the chief problem of employment discrimination. According to Steiner, Gilliland and Skarlicki (2005) discrimination has a great impact on the things females do, the quality and nature of relationship they form. Enlightening stereotypes about the things females are similar to and which way they should act forming the background for a sequence of dissimilar treatment. From one point of view, women are assumed to be short of the qualities essential for unbeaten job presentation and are, thus, more expected than males to be disqualified from the best job prospects. But from the other, representing that women are able for booming act prompts reaction. Women try to change these stereotypes and show their capability of productive work. Reducing gender inequality will finally necessitate some immediate efforts to be applied: education about discrimination problem, better understanding of the nature of jobs and objective treatment of all sexes.

Readers can notice some differences and similarities in the gender inequality process. Roscigno, Garcia, & Bobbit-Zeher (2007) claimed that exploration of race and sex discrimination in employment characteristically supposed discrimination as a significant underlying system. The researchers systematically explicated the public closure as a discriminatory process discloses that customary investigations of structural possessions and processes which are not contending, but quite opposite. Examining color and sex discrimination the authors underline main processes of public closure which impact inequitable barring, exclusion, mobility, and annoyance on the work. The authors talk about similar and various things in discrimination process.

To sum up the above information, it is important to say that the gender inequality remains the urgent problem of the modern society. Despite the long-term struggle, women do not have enough power to overcome the gender discrimination. Men are more advanced worker in every field. Moreover, they earn more money in spite of the equal work. Maybe, different stereotypes and biological factors influenced on the social mind, but people have to understand today’s world. It is 21st century now. Women work more than men. Of course, females do the work which is invisible for men. They clean house, take care of children, cook, etc. Furthermore, they do it for free. Unfortunately, a lot of women attend 2 or even 3 works to earn enough money to provide their children and family with happy and trouble free life. The government needs to overview this problem for several times and has to control it strictly. Women are worth of being on the same level with men.

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