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Herzberg two factors theory provide a sure way in creating an enabling environment that will surely motivate the teachers. First would be a few hygiene factors here and there; starting the list is the quality of supervision and school policy. There is need for a more suitable supervision policy and school policy that can curb absenteeism and number of teachers. Then a system of interpersonal relationship should be enhanced to allow teachers to operate freely and openly. Secondly are motivator factors that include challenging projects, responsibility and availability of resources. Challenging work and projects will keep the teachers on their toes and a sense of responsibility will make them more alert and able. There is lack of resources hence recognition and wage and resource allocation should be included to ensure that the relationship is enhanced.

One of the major theories that have been tasted and proved to be very effective is the cognitive theories of motivation. Cognitive theories put much focus on the beliefs and expectations, needs and personal aspirations on a learner for proper understanding of an individual’s capability. Therefore, we can sum up the theory has one that measures an individuals motivation according to the level of successful times put on success. Indeed he case presented provides a challenge so has to achieve the required parameters. Perhaps the following cognitive theories will help in creating a lasting solution in boosting morale.

Use of self-efficacy and belief on the capability of the teachers in the completion of possible tasks would be able to challenge the teacher’s perseverance and willingness in the acceptance of challenges. These will enable the high turn out of teachers to work towards a well defined goal.  Hence, the use of attribution theory which focuses on the personal need of teachers to understand their failures and success will be used to allow teachers to define their difficulty situations and grounds, and also their strengths and success so as every teacher will be able to identify a possible area of concentration.  Backing the attribution theory is the self-determination theory which is very essential in guiding in the determination of teacher competence and control. These will open space for creating clear and more achievable choices and goals.

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