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Jessica Guberman and her husband, who lived in the countryside, became victims of identity theft crime. Police came to them and asked questions about a possible theft of personal information. As it turned out, criminals bought expensive clothes and jewelry worth over $14 thousand with the use of their data. A year later, Jessica’s bank account was hacked again and $17 thousand were stolen. She found out this fact on her own birthday when she wanted to pay for massage in a beauty salon and her debit card was not accepted for payment.

The same evening, her husband told her that he wanted to buy flowers as a gift, but his card was declined due to the account balance of only 10 cents. Jessica made hundreds of phone calls to resolve the problem and restore their good credit history and she frozen access to it for seven years. Police was not been able to identify the attackers. All that they found out was that there were several cases of identity theft in the same area. The Gubermans failed to return their money.

There are several necessary steps to take in order to protect one’s identity from any possible issue of identity theft. First of all, it is strongly recommended not to have all the documents with one all the time. Furthermore, it is important to have strong passwords to all accounts like bank or any other. It can be dangerous to over trust anybody, even the closest members of the family, because identity information is very personal and cannot be entrusted to anybody but the person it directly belongs to.

Identity theft is dangerous because it transfers a whole life of one person to another. During this time, the victim has all the problems and the thief has all the profits. There are millions of cases of identity theft that are committed every year in the U.S.. Personal information that becomes an object of a crime is usually driver’s license information, bank accounts, social security number, and information from other documents that are the most important for every person.  

Identity theft is very difficult to prosecute for a number of reasons. First of all, transactions that are made from certain accounts are impossible to monitor and identify a person who was engaged in the action. It is the case because the identity belongs to another person and not to the one who commits identity theft.

It is very advisable to explore all the possible existing options to protect one’s identity from any occurrences of theft. The sum of money that is required to be paid for identity theft protection services in order to have one’s life safe is really worth it. Such services guarantee total ID protection and offer insurance sum in case of its failure. They offer a wide variety of monitoring and checking of financial transactions and other actions in order to protect an individual and to prevent any violations or attempts to own another person’s identity.

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