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The impact of the media on crime has been a subject of discussion by various scholars. Most of the studies on this topic adopt a two-sided coin approach. As such, the media has been considered to contribute to crime causation and crime prevention and control. Therefore, the media can be said to have impacted crime positively and negatively. Negatively, the media has enhanced crime causation and contributed to the increase in crime and criminal activities. Positively, the media has evidently been used in crime control and reduction of crime and criminal activities.

The media has promoted crime and criminal activities. For example, observation of aggressive films for entertainment purpose has been linked to the commission of violent crimes. The media also shows films that are crowded with criminal scenes that contain planning and execution of successful criminal activities. These have tended to socialize people and educate potential criminals on planning and successful execution of criminal activities. The internet is particularly considered significant cause for most cyber-related crimes. Beginning with sexual harassment, child trafficking, credit card frauds, and online hackings to cyber-bullying and pornography, the media has been blamed for creating more avenues for a commission of more complex crimes locally, regionally and globally.

The media has been widely used in crime control and prevention. Anti-crime campaigns have been successfully and effectively launched and implemented through television broadcasts such as the Public Service Announcements (PSAs). These have served to sensitize people against their vulnerabilities to criminal victimization. The CCTV cameras have also been used as guardians against unsuspected criminals. Videotaping technologies have also been used by law enforcers for interrogation and storage and production of valid evidence for proof of criminal responsibility and conviction of apprehended offenders. These have contributed to reduction of crime.

In conclusion, the media has impacted crime and its patterns in two ways. It has both contributed to increases in crime and mitigation against crimes. The impact of the media on crime can, therefore, be objectively reviewed on the basis of its negative and positive impacts.

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