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The leadership team needs to focus on their main values. In the past Global Communications has valued its employees and the employees have given back loyalty and put forth the necessary effort to make Global Communications a valuable company. While Global Communications’ chief executive officer is a great globalization fan, she cannot just start chopping and pruning without regard to the company’s history and core values. The management team will need to work closely with the companies that Global Communications can align with to form partnerships. The Vice President of Technologies Workers Union, can assist in selling the revised plan for Global Communications to the Union and facilitate smooth working relations between the Union and the company (Philips C. 2006).

The outcomes would be measured against the balanced scorecard. This includes four items namely

  1. Learning and growth perspective.
  2. Business process perspective.
  3. Customer perspective.
  4. Financial perspective.

(Balanced Scorecard Institute, 2007) .The first item is important for Global Communications because it will be the success of the company. Global Communications needs to be concerned with training and development of its employees, not only for skills transfer, but also for the company employee development.

Secondly, the business will have some metrics such as market share and whether the sales and percent of total market percentages have increased. The issue is that in the past years the erosion of the customer base has occurred because of the intrusion of cable providers into the market space. Thirdly, Global Communications should offer packages that offer value to all customers and it should be innovative in packaging the popular items. The company should allow the customers to choose their own package, say two of the options they want instead of prepackaging ten options they will not use.

Global Communications Global can show that they value their employees by seeing if there are creative ways to retain employees instead of taking the easy way out and seeing how much they can outsource and cut total costs. They can ask employees if they want to move to Ireland. They can see if the employees can be able to work from home or have flexible work schedule. If the layoffs need to happen, Global Communications should provide job counselors to assist with the new job searches.


Global Communications’ leadership and management teams have a great deal of work ahead of them. They must breach the gap that the company has introduced with its union and implement a relevant growth strategy. The growth of Global Communications should not come at the expense of the union workers. The Global Communications management needs to work harder to get back to the company’s core. They need to protect the asset of the company.

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