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No matter how we spend our life, working, studying, resting, entertaining, we can not imagine our life without communication. Communication is an essential part of our life so it is important to develop skills at communication constantly. All spheres of our life are penetrated with communication: at interviews, creating projects, working in team, writing reports, speaking with friends, etc. Communication has become for us as air or water and is expressed by the different ways: friendly talk face-to-face, phoning, and chatting on the internet, writing in newspapers, etc. Wherever we go, everywhere we deal with communication.

Communication is a process of exchanging of information, ideas, thoughts, and emotions. The elements of this process are the sender who encodes certain messages, a channel for sending this message and receiver who decodes sent information.

The importance of communication in any organization is enormous as it promotes motivation, stimulates to further actions. Communication is the means of informing and clarifying of workers. Without doubt communication is a source of information, new contacts and projects for any company. Organizing of company requires effective communication with the new partners for building new relations. There is nothing strange that leaders and managers of company should have good communication skills in order to achieve the goals. The process of controlling is based on written and oral communication.

The ability to communicate effectively is the basement of success in today’s fast-moving world. Without doubt communication is not only our language but the right usage of words, pitch, intonation and our body language. It was proved that usually people spends 75 percent of their time during one day in communication and it includes writing, listening, reading, speaking.

Nowadays we deal with a great number of information, information revolution and that is why the importance of communication is constantly increasing. Let’s reveal the main functions of communication. Nobody denies the fact that communication develops people, organizations, society, nation and country. Successful communication is the basement for planning and coordination. It is proved that communication helps to achieve life goals, promote cordial relations, and strengthen relations between the two people or a group of people in an organization.

One can distinguish the different types of communication. According channels used for communicating, communication is divided into verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication consists of written and oral communication. Non-verbal communication consists of facial expressions, body movements, gestures, eye contact. Oral communication can be face-to-face communication, conversation over phone or voice chat in Internet. The quality of oral communication depends on voice modulation, speed of speaking, intonation, speed, pitch and clarity of a speaker. Written communication is expressed with the help of e-mail or letters. The quality of written communication depends on used vocabulary, grammatical skills, style, clarity and precision of those who write.

Non-verbal communication is not less important than a verbal one. It makes our speech very vivid and expressive. Hand gestures are descriptive gestures for clarifying of verbal message. Moreover face expression and voice inflections show speaker’s attitude and emotions to what he/she tells us. The speaker changes the intonation, makes it louder or lower according to theme of news. Body movement and eye contact are used in order to support speech and strengthen the audience’s attention and understanding of speech.

In conclusion, one should say that communication is the main basement of success for people and any company. Communication skills are important for getting a job, for managing of the company. It is difficult to imagine our life without communication.

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