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Convergence is a process of bringing different parts of activity or object together for a specific function. In the case of mobile media, convergence is a process of bringing all aspects of the media together to create media intelligence to reach more people. In this case, convergence is transforming all forms of the media into digital format. In the past, media technology has been extremely difficult to access and acquire coverage to the public. Additionally, it has been expensive for the public to acquire information from the media. In this situation, the public have for a long time being deprived of important information. However, after convergence of all forms of the media into digital, it will be extremely simple for the public. As a result, accessibility of information from the media has become extremely easy. This shows that media conversion into digital has great impact.

The first impact of digitalization of media is the downfall of print media. The use of newspapers, magazines and other print media are slowly falling down. This is because there is digitalization of information making it easy for people to access the information. Additionally, people are able to access the information quickly when digitalization takes place as compared to the usage of print media. Another impact of digitalization of print media is that it is extremely cheap. The cost of buying print media is expensive when compared to digitalization. This is because people are able to access information through digitalization at their own free will at lower costs. Finally, it is faster to access information through digitalization of the media for people than purchasing print media. Therefore, digitalization of the media is affecting the speed at which people are accessing information.

Advertising is another process of the media that is going to feel great impact of digitalization of the media. For example, a person will be able to view an advertisement from his or her own phone, make enquiries using the phone, purchase the commodity using the phone and make payments via the phone. In this case, a person can do all those activities at the comfort of his or her house and have the goods delivered to him or her. This proves that digitalization has great impact on the media, especially in marketing or advertisements. Secondly, digitalization of the media has great impact in transmission of information globally. This is because people from one nation will be able to access the information of a certain country not of their own, without struggling.

Certain aspects of convergence foster in the manufacture of consent. Internet is one of the aspects fostering convergence in the manufacturing consent. This is because it has become extremely difficult for the different nations to control people`s activities. Additionally, in the internet people are free to do what they want, because there is no governing body to protect information being transmitted. In this case, the governments are resulting to use the manufacture of consent. This is where they are manipulating what people think, because they cannot manipulate what people view. In this case, they will be able to control people without the need of controlling the internet.

On the other hand, certain factors of convergence foster collective intelligence in the media. Collective intelligence can be described as a collection of activities, individuals or any other objects to create one commodity that posse great intelligence. In the case of the media, this is where certain aspects of it come together to form collective intelligence. This is where there is an easy storage and retrieval of information. To begin with, certain factors foster collective intelligence. One of the factors is technology. In the past, there was no improvement of technology. In this case, there were tools or strategies that could be used to foster collective intelligence. However, after evolution of technology over the past few decades, Media Companies have been forced to make convergence of all their activities to produce collective intelligence.

Democracy is another factor that has led to collective intelligence in the media. Across the globe, people are fighting for their rights. According to political analyst people are searching for that avenue where they can be able to express their feelings freely. In this case, media companies are being forced to bring all their activities together for purposes of ensuring that the public can be able to express themselves freely. On the other hand, certain governments have not been allowing their citizens to have freedoms. In this case, it is causing an outcry from the public. In the process, all functions of the media have been converged together to produce collective intelligence for the people with the aim of delivering democracy. Therefore, based on collective intelligence, mobile media can be extremely dangerous if not controlled, and at the same time, it can be advantageous to the public.

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