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Parental input to self-determination can be achieved by providing useful advice from parents and grandparents. Children should be taught how to react to conformity and misjudged statements, as well as made aware of independence as a key principle in life.

To me, independence is a principle that is worth dying for. It is my firm belief that losing independence can have an adverse effect on one’s life. A person who is dependent on an idea, a person or a thing will never be able to become an individual in the true sense of the word. One of the basic skills learned through independence is a problem-solving ability. A person, who lacks independence, may not be able to solve problems because of waiting for others to do something. (Manassis, 2012, pp. 106). I believe that independence is very important because it can help one reach a conclusion or solve a problem,by thinking ahead and making sure that all the aspects of the situation are assessed. Learning to think independently is the ability of inventors, artists and all those who have changed the world. If Galileo had relied on the Church in determining the world surrounding us, we would possibly still think that the Earth is as flat as a pancake.

Personal Experiences.Independence guides people in reaching a solution to their problems. As Esposito (2010, pp. 95) confirms, problem-solving is usually a difficult task, especially if one highly depends on other people. Dependence on other people makes one wait for others to begin the quest and resolution process (Esposito, 2010, pp. 97). This may never happen, as other people also have their own pressing problems. Independence is largely different. With an independent mindset, one finds that every problem is a puzzle waiting to be solved, and not an obstacle. This mindset makes people begin thinking alongside solution pathways (Esposito, 2010, pp. 97).

Independence and Knowledge.Independence also helps one use and assess resources one has acquired to solve problems. During one’s lifetime, one will always find that at any particular point, there are endless resources within one’s reach (Miller, 2003, pp. 67). One has to realize the existence of these resources and gain the ability to use them by creating unique and productive logical correlations between information. Encountering problems and challenges in their daily lives causes people to search for solutions within (Miller, 2003, pp. 67). Independence also means that only a person’s free thinking can be a solution. Therefore, the need to exhaust all the possibilities requires a strong feeling of self-esteem and trust, as well as the ability of thinking independently. Being independent enables one to search for skills within oneself, whenever problems are encountered. This search is necessary, because it helps one gain the necessary skills to resolve a difficult situation. The search from within that is made possible by independent thinking also makes people aware of the knowledge they possess that may help them understand the problem in greater detail. All these methods of using independent thinking lead to the solution of a problem. One’s awareness of skills and knowledge is not present whenever the independence principle is not strong in one’s consciousness. Likewise, nobody could solve problems without a certain level of independence awareness, because the resources would not be called upon and one would wait for guidance from outside.

Independence and time management.Independence also helps one implement one’s resources in a timely way. Problems are usually time-bound. They are issues affecting people at particular times and they can progress to irreparable levels or measures, if not dealt with when they are beginning (Miller, 2003, pp. 67). Being independent, people are able to instantly recognize the need to find a solution, because of the belief that no one but a person who faces a difficult situation will solve it. Independence makes the responsibility to solve problem more urgent, because one does not attempt to shift responsibility to other people. This approach is important in strategic thinking, as it makes one think of a strategy that will work. Reaching to limited resources as soon as possible is the first step, and one can immediately see the outcome of the first approach. After careful evaluation of the results of the first attempt, one can either carry on or call upon more resources (Miller, 2003, pp. 70).


The above outline of the principle and the examples of independence enabling people to make the most out of their potential proves that this is a principle worth dying for. Without it, one will not be able to solve problems, as one will rely on others to resolve difficult situations in a timely manner. People would feel lost and helpless without independence.

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