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Shortage of doctors has been in existence for long. People in underserved communities rarely get medical care from doctors. Young children always suffer and some even some succumb to illnesses that can be treated due the shortage. In 2008 a child almost lost her life in a clinic that I used to take my students for medical check up. The clinic always lacked a physician in most cases. The child had acute fever which I later learned was campylobacteriosis. Luckily on this day a physician assistant had been posited to the clinic. He managed to meticulously examine, diagnose, prescribe and treat the child. I was curious and asked, “Doctor, how long have been practicing as a physician?† The physician smiled and told me that he was not a physician but a physician assistant (PA).

That was a life changing experience. From there henceforth, my interest in pursuing a career in PA emerged. I would later learn that PA career emerged after it was realized that physicians would not be able to serve all people. I have gained much information about PA both from personal research and conversing with PAs. I have no doubt right now that to gain personal fulfillment I just have to change my current profession and pursue a career in PA.

I have always been interested in helping little kids since childhood. Therefore, I desire to become a primary care pediatrics PA. Moreover, PA requires that one stays current in the latest medical trends. This will enable me to have a continuous mental stimulation. My experiences and skills in working with children in underserved communities will enable me become a successful PA. Furthermore, I endeavor to become an educator and consultant in pediatrics in future. My interaction with pediatric PAs has shown that they share a lot with my current counseling profession. Just like counselors, pediatric PAs are advocates of their clients. In the last five years I have acquired pre-requisite courses to enable me join PA school.

I have gained essential insight about pediatric PA after volunteering at the South West Area Children’s Hub Clinic in Los Angeles, California under the direct supervision of Lisa Taylor Pediatric Physician Assistant. I am now capable to complete patient intake information, carry out mental health screening and to take vital signs of the patients. I believe my experiences as a counselor for ten years could be integrated in my anticipated new career to provide excellent services to children. Moreover, my ability to work in a fast paced and high stressed environment and to make sound judgment under pressure will be an asset as I pursue pediatric PA profession. It is because of my passion, experiences and prior skills in pediatric PA that I am persuaded me to apply as a student in a PA school.

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