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Society’s usage and abuse of resources are influenced by social, economic and political life which is determined in the national level. In addition to that regional, society, polity and local economy contribute to it (Knudsen, 1996). In comparison between Indiana and Denmark where they have the same size and machinery where examination was done through the past framed with neo-liberal and corporatists and approaches to capitalism of the country.

Through excessive production or mass production there is market competition therefore affecting the flow of consumption. Also the lasting effects market control with poverty which came to be considered collective not as an individual problem. Knudsen. As seen the collapse of mass production was contribution to the damage in social contract of capitalism and the people. Through these there was undermining of economic rationale with much of political and social life in postwar years. The abuse of resources was that the large portions of profits be returned to the home country. Typically facilitated by the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) and by these less developed countries are disadvantaged through the single factor, vulnerable to disruptions in supply inputs and cheap labor and demand changes (Conway & Heynen, 2006)

In many cases as stated by Rubenstein some societies affect there main sources of products through pollution and the over-use. Resources are meant to work in favor of the consumers.  The benefits of resources in society’s calls for corporation between producers and consumers therefore care in management and self responsibilities are vital in pollution. Non-renewable products have negative effect to the consumers when they are disposed in un-wanted way. For instance the disposal of used products affects them much through the damages they cause. Environmental law and education will play a big part in maintaining it and reducing pollution rating. The products like glasses and plastic bags do not decompose and require recycling to avoid pollution unlike the societies way of disposal and by these they incur extra expense also jeopardizing there health (Knudsen, 1996). The actions of the societies also matter whereby usage of nuclear weapons that affects the soils and plants with air should stop for the sake of evicting pollution and decline in production levels. Pollution by companies when manufacturing should ensure people are secure by preventing or protecting them by creating safety measures. In addition to that it also causes damage to the people whereby through pollution there is wide spread of diseases and multi-nutrition due to lack of food production.

The laws that secure small countries from exploitation from developed ones are supposed to be tough. By funding and helping the less developed countries and also educating them on the value of there resources so as not to be partitioned by developed ones through bribes allowing intruder to misuse and exploit them and their resources. Also developed countries being critical to undeveloped ones it needs set laws that govern boundaries and protect developed ones from using dirty energy sources to get resources from the less developed (Conway & Heynen, 2006). To conclude on the matter about resources and maintenance is that each person is responsible for the care of our environment and usage should major on positive way which favors mankind.

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