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Humans are one of the most powerful beings that were created by God. They have some outstanding features that differentiate them from the other creatures. A normal human being has the ability to reason out, thereby making decisions that do not have a negative impact on other members of the society. The statement that human beings will always have more power than monsters is true. I strongly agree with the statement due to a number of reasons.

First, according to Lord Randall, humans can be creative. This capability is not possessed by monsters. The term monsters, in this case, can be applied to those humans who behave in the way that amounts to the lack of respect for their fellow humans.

For instance, monsters who engage in act of terror are never creative in any way. They will never manage to outdo those humans who love peace, because their creative power will always help them defeat their plots.

Secondly, according to Barbara Allen, humans are more powerful than monsters, because they have moral values and ethics that direct their actions. On the other hand, monsters do not have guiding principles in their lives. The moral values make humans more powerful, because they set standards and principles under which they carry out their day-to-day activities. The ability to reason out makes the humans powerful as they can differentiate what is morally and ethically right.

Monsters, on the other hand, do not have this ability to reason out that makes them less powerful and influential in the world. Monsters believe that they can influence others only by instilling fear. This makes them unpopular as they do not act in a sensible way and in accordance with the principles of ethics and morality.

Therefore, I can conclude that humans are more powerful in comparison to monsters.

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