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Supervisor assistance is crucial to an organization’s success. Supervisor supportiveness improves the employees’ performance and commitment. The aim of this paper is to discuss the impact of supervisor supportiveness on employee performance and commitment.

The supervisors act as act agents of organizing and evaluating the employees. The employees will therefore show effort and commitment. The employees will in turn treat customers well as they are treated well. The employees have economic needs and social-emotional needs (Blau, P. M. 1964). Economic needs are fulfilled by the pay the employees get while social-emotional needs are determined by the relationship between different people. Most of the employees view the workplace as their home as they spend most of the time at the workplace, waking up to go to the workplace and leaving in the evening. The relationships at the workplace are therefore a very important part of the employee’s life. The relationships include worker to worker, worker to employer, and worker to supervisor. Getting into a good relationship with the supervisor is definitely very important. A supervisor who assists the employee becomes like a friend to the employee. A good relationship satisfies the employee’s social-emotional needs. An employee who feels that his or her needs are sufficiently fulfilled in the workplace tends to reciprocate by being more committed to the job (Pazy Ganzach 2006).

Assistance given to employees by their supervisors keeps them happy. When the employees are happy in the workplace they take their job as their own which means they become more committed translating to greater performance. Happy employees serve customers better politely making customers happy. A joyful attendant would also make a customer who has a bad mood come back again. When employees are treated good at the workplace, they see it as v favor and therefore feel indebted (Pazy Ganzach 2006). The employees will pay by being more committed in what they are doing; they will even do more than they are supposed to be doing which means better productivity.

In order to improve supervisor assistance the organization itself has to show support to the supervisors. The support can be giving the supervisors reasonable pay. When the supervisors are given support by the top management in the organization, they extend the support to the subordinate employees (Eisenberger Shanock 2006). Another way an organization can improve supervisor assistance is by holding seminars for the supervisors on supervisor assistance.

Too much support has downsides too. If the employees are given too much of support they may tend to be lazy as they would always expect support from their supervisors. Too much support would also affect the decision-making of employees. When faced with a problem which requires decision making employees who rely on their supervisors too much would turn to them for assistance which denies them the chance to practice the decision-making process.


Supervisor assistance has positive effects on the productivity and commitment of employees. Every organization should be keen to improve the assistance given to the employees by the supervisors as this would increase productivity and commitment of the employees. 

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