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The Soviet Union has a population of about 232 million with 92 distinct ethnic groups. The most dominant ethnic groups are Slavic peoples, Turkic peoples, Gilyak and Koryak people. The remaining are small ethnic groups (Hauss, 2008).

In a more diverse ethnic state like Russia, the major ethnic group tends to undermine the minority. When the minority group is overlooked, they will begin to demand for their equality rights and freedom. The large groups tend to impose their cultural norms and practices to marginalized communities (Kaiser, 2011). This in turn will cause the minor groups to fight back in order to retain their culture hence causing tension in a state. The Pussy Riot Group as spotted in Russia was emphatically demanding for the rights of all. However, the most recent population census taken in the year 2002 shows that the weight on ethnicity has reduced with a small margin, though the overall composition of ethnic groups is still stable (Kaiser, 2011).

The marginalized community has the right to share equitably in the economic resources of their nation (Diener, 2005). They also have the right to equitably be represented in the government. Furthermore, they enjoy the right to enjoy the social benefits from the state. However, should the government fail to foster these rights; there will be tension and hatred among the ethnic groups in the society. This has been evident in Russia.

The government of Russia transformed itself from authoritarian, command kind of government, to a democratic kind of governance (Kaiser, 2011). When government transited, it gave a way to interdependence where ethnic communities depended on each other. This leads to economic growth of the state (Diener, 2005). Nonetheless, ethnic diversity and tension has led to more killings in the Soviet Union. This is a land that has experienced ethnic wars for a good period of time.

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