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Public relations is a special tool of managing information for individuals or organizations and the public to enhance their reputation. As a rule, this practice is performed by public relations specialists or specialized firms on behalf of their clients (Johnston 3). The aim of public relations is to attract and involve other people and organizations with the aim to create and improve the client`s image. To achieve this goal PR use different methods to present their clients in the most favorable way, e. g. media, conferences, meetings, etc. Every organization has a need in public relations professionals, who are acting as advocates for business, governments, educational institutions, and a lot of other types of industries. PR professionals build positive relationships with the public and provide supportive advices and strategies to the organizational leaders (Johnston 45). A vital part of PR specialists is to understand customer`s needs and desires.

 It is a valuable profession and a field of study, where one can make a good career and make the great contribution to the organizational success. For those, who love people, this profession may be a perfect choice. The research asserts that very often people confuse public relations and advertising. Johnston (11) notes that, “advertising is the buying of space – in newspapers or magazines, or on radio or television – for the purpose of transmitting a message to the audience. The distinguishing feature of advertising messages in the mass media is that they are controlled.†In fact, customers perceive PR and advertising absolutely different. They understand that advertisers are paying considerable amounts of money for the privileges of doing so, and usually extol the virtues of their products. Consumers often distrust advertisements. The research asserts that public relations are considered to be credibility, while advertising – visibility (Johnston 12). It is worth mentioning that good PR campaigns often stick out in people1s mind. In February 2011, for example, there was a terrible snowstorm and most Americans stayed home watching the news about the weather. Rayovac and Circle PR created online campaign that day, and the brand saw a 30% increase.

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